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Starter RV and basic tailgating setup

Are you new to the RV Tailgate Life?

First, let us say “Welcome and Thank You for visiting us.”

Second, let us introduce you to the RVTailgateLife.com – we are here for the RVer that likes to tailgate.

Mostly, RV Tailgate Life is focused on issues relating to tailgating for sporting events, concerts, and similar events. These are generally for the part-time RVer in mind.

Sure, full-time RVers tailgate too, but we couldn’t find many resources with the part-timer or vacationer in mind. So we learned by trial and error and are now letting you know how we did.

After all that, now you’ll want to dive into our site.

Find out who we are and about the current rig, a Tiffin 34PA and the old rig, Starter RV.

Categories and Popular Posts on RV Tailgate Life

Then move on to the RV Tailgate Gear, where we review products that you need at your RV tailgate.

We’ll cover the required gear, the needs and the wants. And maybe even a few wishlist items.

Popular posts include:

And did you know that the RV could be one big tax deduction? Find Out How Your RV Could Qualify for Tax Deductions

One of the best parts of tailgating is the food and drink with friends. Here we will give you some recipes of our favorites, for everything from easy Thursday night recipes to elaborate spreads fit for a king. Popular posts include:

You’ll probably want to browse through our RV tailgating tips and tricks when you have a chance. Learn from our mistakes and our successes – we’ve got both and we try not to hide the mistakes.

We have spent some time making Modifications to Starter RV, some which may even be useful for your own rig.

RV Tailgating is about having fun with friends and family. What better way than to take your tailgate on the road? Find out where we’ve been and what we have to say in our RV Roadtrips Section. Popular posts include:

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