Week 9 Recap: Homecoming Win

The Ramblin Wreck from Georgia TechGeorgia Tech hosted Duke for the homecoming game this weekend. The RVTailgateLife crew had a special opportunity to be on the field pre-game, including the team running out of the tunnel and kickoff. What a fun experience and we highly recommend it if you get a chance.

Homecoming is a great time for seeing friends and old classmates that you normally don’t get to see. It’s nice seeing the campus all decked out in school spirit and people coming back to Ma Tech. And of course, it is always good when your team gets the win on homecoming! To top it off, Tech fans got the “perfect weekend” with the Georgia loss and then on Sunday, a Falcons win. Props to the Tech tailgaters that spent all weekend at the RV tailgate and then made it to the Georgia Dome on Sunday to watch the Falcons take on the Packers. I definitely didn’t have the energy for all that!

Homecoming Traditions

Georgia Tech has a few unique homecoming traditions, include the Wreck Parade. As you probably know, one of our “mascots” or symbols is the Rambling Wreck, a restored 1930 Model A Ford Sport Coupe. In its honor, Tech has a Wreck Parade each homecoming, where students try to build contraptions. The rules state that the vehicles have an indirect drive system. Below is a video of the last “Wreck” of the 2016 Parade:

The only problem is that the parade starts at 8:00 AM. That’s early for people that were up late into the night partying at the RV tailgate! Fortunately, our new on-campus location is much closer to the parade route! This was the first time in years (and first time ever for some) that we’ve made the parade. All told though we were happy to get up early to see this Homecoming tradition!

On-Field Pregame Festivities

Kimberly and Amanda with Buzz on the field prior to the 2016 Homecoming game vs DukeIf you ever have the chance to be on the field pre-game, you definitely need to take the opportunity. It is such a different view of the festivities and definitely worth the change up in your plans. For us, it meant getting to the stadium a good 45 minutes before kickoff. We went in the same way the band and the Wreck get into the stadium, through the tunnel. Then after it was over, we had to exit the same way and go through our normal gate with our tickets to get to our seats. We ended up missing the first touchdown but hey, we were on the field!

Watch as the Yellow Jackets take the field:

We Gotta Eat

Banana Pudding CakeAnother potluck dinner had us eating on fried chicken sliders. For dessert, I brought the banana pudding cake that everyone loved. This is a great tailgating dessert, because it holds up well if you make it early. No baking in your tiny RV oven required!

Also, don’t miss out on the Bacon Crack! Another great tailgate food!

Next up is two road games in a row, with games at North Carolina and Virginia Tech. Maybe by the time the team gets back home, it’ll actually be fall – just in time for our Thanksgiving Dinner tailgate!

How do you celebrate homecoming? Comment below!


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