Week 6 Recap: Hurricane Matthew Evacuation Party

Headed to a local sports bar to watch the game with Hurricane Matthew evacueesThis week, Georgia Tech went on the road for another loss. But more important than the football were the friends and family that were in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Instead of joining the team for a roadtrip to a cool city like Pittsburgh, we stayed back and I hosted a full house of evacuees. Good news is that everyone is safe and initial reports are that the houses are ok. We will know more as everyone gets a chance to get back in to see their homes this week. Here’s hoping that all your loved ones made it through the storm safe and sound!

Sports Bars When You Can’t Travel to the Game

Most alumni associations have local clubs to support the school’s alumni around the country. One of the social aspects that many help with is bringing together fans for a game watch party at a local sports bar or restaurant. Even if you are traveling, you are sure to find someone local to watch the game and root for your team with! You can cheer them on and celebrate the win or commiserate the loss with people that are right there emotionally with you.

For us this week, there was plenty of alcohol as Tech lost its third game in a row. And the second in a row to Pittsburgh that they won on a walk-off field goal. Is Blewitt a senior? Because I’m really tired of seeing him across the field.

Once our game was over, we had the chance to catch a bunch of other games, including a good ACC matchup on prime time for the Miami-Florida State game. Sometimes, it is nice to sit back on the sofa at home to watch all the games instead of tailgating chairs in a parking lot. Not that we don’t all love that, but a break is good now and then. It was weird watching college football on a Sunday though.

RV Mods Had to Wait – Karaoke Was More Important

Going into the week, I had some plans to work on the RV. A bunch of little things needed work and I want to add a table inside, over the dog crate. Because of the Hurricane Matthew coverage and a house full of people, I didn’t get a chance to work on the RV at all. Not complaining since I’d rather hang with friends and family than be holed up in the RV.

One of the great things about this weekend was the chance to go to Metalsome and see one of my Savannah friends put on another awesome show.

Back at it Next Weekend

Tech is back at home next weekend for an in-state matchup against Georgia Southern – head coach Paul Johnson used to coach there and they still love him for bringing them several championships. We were expecting a lot of Southern fans before, but with many still in the Atlanta area from Hurricane Matthew fallout and several losses in a row from Tech… let’s just say that there will be a lot more Southern fans.

But our group will still be there – we haven’t lost a tailgate yet! Time to find some interesting concoctions for food and drink. Got to keep it interesting!

Did you come out of Hurricane Matthew safe and sound? Check in below in the comments!


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