Waterproof Dry Bags Great for RV Use

Kastking Outdoor Dry BagWe’ve all been there – it’s a rainy game day and even with the best of rain suits, you are soaked to the bone. Of course, the sun comes out in time for the whistle at the end of the 4th quarter. You head back to the tailgate, ready to head home because ew! who wants to be stuck tailgating in wet clothes? The RV to the rescue! You’ve been smart and planned on the rain with several changes of clothes. But what do you do with the wet ones? Outdoor, waterproof dry bags! These are not to be confused with laundry bags; instead, these dry bags are waterproof bags designed to keep water out. Or in our case, water in.

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As a weekend RV tailgater, you know you’ll be back to your bricks and stones house in a day or so. No need to worry about laundry at the tailgate! Instead of trying to dry things out, throw the wet clothes in a dry bag! It’ll keep the water and mess from spreading to everything else in the RV (where water/moisture is already an issue). The dry bags are easy to seal up, with a roll top closure. These bags also take up almost no space and weigh very little, both great attributes for the RV lifestyle.

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Tip: When you get home, don’t forget to take the wet clothes out of the RV and the dry bags. You don’t want to come back next weekend to a smelly bag of wet laundry. (Been there, done that)

Dry Bags Beyond the Tailgate

The dry bags are also great for summer camping trips and travel. The dry bags are generally not intended for full immersion, but they do a great job of keeping things inside them dry when confronted with rain or accidental, temporary submersions. Or the occasional torrential rain downpour. So throw your clothes in them! Even your electronic gear – your iPad, cell phone, and camera will all be better protected in dry bags than they will be out of them. Smaller dry bags are also great for putting your travel liquids in so that they will not destroy your clothes in checked luggage. You’ll also find that these bags are great for the beach or pool – keep your clothes dry and sand free while you are the beach and then keep the wet bathing suits and towels from messing up your car.

There are several options on the market for these bags. This Surfun bag has a nice shoulder strap, while the KastKing dry bag has a great window so that you can see what is stored inside without opening them up. Kwik Tek also makes a duffle bag style dry bag. Smaller bags by Mpow are optimized for cellphones and even float (great for boaters).

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