The Ultimate Dogs’ Guide to RVing

Do you have four legged family members that want to go RVing too? This is the dogs’ guide to RVing!

Because you should never leave home without your puppies!

The Ultimate Dogs Guide to RVing

First a note from your Fido:

Dear Human,

To make sure that I have an awesome RV trip with you, please make sure that you follow these basic rules:

  1. Give me all the treats!
  2. Give me all the chicken, steak, and burgers! Brats are cool too.
  3. Make sure you pick up my poop. We don’t want to get in trouble or kicked out because you misbehaved!
  4. Make sure that I am comfortable – the temperature must be just right.
  5. Keep me on the leash when you take me outside for all the walks.
  6. Don’t let me bark at everyone all the time. I annoy myself and our neighbors.

The Ultimate Dogs Guide to RVing from RV Tailgate LifeFollow these rules, and we will have a great time and won’t have any run ins with the po-po!

Did I mention that you need to give me treats? Because you do! I need them! And it’s in the rules!


Fido (woof, woof!)

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