Tailgating Rules for the RV Tailgate Life

Don't get a yellow flag from the ref by breaking the tailgating rules
This ref knows the tailgating rules. Don’t make him come over there and give you the business.

We are going to keep things simple here. Some people may give you a long list of tailgating rules, but we’ve got only one.

No really, only one tailgating rule.

Here it is, are you ready?

Don’t F* up the tailgate.

OK, so there’s a lot to that rule, but if you are ever in need of making a decision, just ask yourself if you will violate the only rule of the RV Tailgate Life.

Need More Help on the Tailgating Rules? Here’s Some General Guidance

  1. No one is allowed to die at the tailgate. This means your number one concern is safety. Make sure the RV brakes are on. Perform proper food safety tactics – store and cook foods at proper temperatures. Keep your generator exhaust out of your own and others’ RVs. Clean your RV water tanks.
  2. Have fun. No personal drama.
  3. Don’t date within the tailgate. (ahem, Amanda, once was enough)

We hope to have lots of years of RV tailgating ahead of us, but only if it is fun. So, instead of a bunch of tailgating rules, we’ve boiled it down to just one. Don’t get a yellow flag (or a red card) by violating the RV tailgating rules!

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