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Find out the must have RV safety gear that you need to stay safe! 0

Must Have RV Safety Gear

When I started RV Tailgate Life, there was really only one rule: Don’t f* up the tailgate. And the biggest way to f* it up...

Replace the front windshield curtains in your RV with this easy no sew RV windshield curtain upgrade 0

No Sew! Upgrading RV Windshield Curtains

I was being pretty lax on my RV modifications lately, having little time to do anything but cleaning and maintenance during the football season. But...

How to Replace a Broken RV Awning Strap on a manual RV awning 0

Replacing the Awning Strap on Starter RV

Sometimes the most useful RV fixes are the easiest. Take for example, a replacement RV awning strap. On manual awnings like Starter RV, you deploy...