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Make your own RV Jack Pads for leveling your RV while camping and protecting your jacks from mud. 0

Make Your Own RV Jack Pads

At the beginning of the 2017 football season, I had already made plans for two RV trips – to UCF and then to Clemson. Both of these roadtrips were going to involve parking the...

Find out the must have RV safety gear that you need to stay safe! 0

Must Have RV Safety Gear

When I started RV Tailgate Life, there was really only one rule: Don’t f* up the tailgate. And the biggest way to f* it up is to disregard RV safety rules. Here is the...

Starter RV and basic tailgating setup 0

Farewell Starter RV, My First RV

Well guys, it is official! Starter RV is no longer. Last week, I got rid of the first RV I ever owned and that inspired this site. The First RV: Starter RV The Good...