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Interested in RVing in Europe? Find out how RVing is different in the UK and Europe than it is in America 0

What’s Different About RVing in Europe

Welcome Kat from Wandering Bird who is today’s guest poster on RV Tailgate Life. Kat took a sabbatical from her day job as an Air Traffic Controller so that she and her husband could...

June is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month - get your pets and your RV ready in case of disaster 0

RVs and Pet Disaster Preparedness Month

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, which focuses on getting ready for hurricane season in the southeast and general disaster prep throughout. But in news to me, June is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month....

Make your own RV Jack Pads for leveling your RV while camping and protecting your jacks from mud. 0

Make Your Own RV Jack Pads

At the beginning of the 2017 football season, I had already made plans for two RV trips – to UCF and then to Clemson. Both of these roadtrips were going to involve parking the...