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Peach Sangria - So easy to make and so yummy 0

Easy Peasy Peach Sangria

Football season is back! And in these warmer September months, you’ll want a cool, refreshing drink for your tailgate. Try this easy Peach Sangria recipe at your next tailgate. The best part of this...


A Mimosa Made for a RV Jedeye!

Before New Years, I was discussing the plans for the 2016 holidays with RVJedeye over on Twitter. Who oh so casually mentioned that we needed a RVJedeye cocktail for the Georgia Tech-Kentucky TaxSlayer Bowl....

It even looks like "sweet tea" but don't let the kids get it! Super easy cocktail for college football tailgating 0

Easy Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonades

What happens when you mix sweet tea vodka and lemonade on a hot September Saturday? You’ve got the perfect drink for a southern college football tailgate! And this cocktail couldn’t be any easier if...