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June is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month - get your pets and your RV ready in case of disaster 0

RVs and Pet Disaster Preparedness Month

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, which focuses on getting ready for hurricane season in the southeast and general disaster prep throughout. But in news to me, June is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Month....


Week 2 Recap: First Home Tailgate is H-O-T

Remember back when we wrote about surviving the heat during early season tailgates? This weekend, we had to put every single tip to use as the temperatures were in the mid 90s and the...


10 Tips for RV Tailgating with Dogs

I, and many of my tailgating cohorts, can often be found at tailgates with our four-legged friends, life’s best RV tailgate accessory. Just like any member of the family, dogs are welcome in the...