10 Stocking Stuffers for RV Tailgaters

Now that the calendar has turned over to November, it is time to start thinking about the Christmas holidays! RV tailgaters are pretty hard to shop for. So here’s a guide for all your family and friends looking for some presents for you. Just pass along the link and let them know that everything here is on your wish list! Everything here is $30 or less at the time of publication! These are the best items for “stocking stuffers” for the sports fan with an RV.

The best stocking stuffers for RV tailgaters!

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New Team Flag

Get your favorite RV tailgater a new flag to fly! Let them retire the old, battered flag and look sharp with a new one! Tip: for those flying flags high over the RV, you’ll want a horizontal flag. Make sure the flags have grommets in them for attaching to the flag pole. And you’ll want to get double-sided flags. For those that are flying flags at home, you’ll want a vertical orientation! Don’t forget the American flag to fly on top as well!

Team Dishes

When it comes time to set the tailgating table, you should do it in style and represent your team at the same time! I like melamine bowls (hard plastic) because they are less likely to break, either in transit or during the tailgate. Added advantage: they are typically cheaper, fitting within our stocking stuffer criteria. Look for big bowls, trays, and chip and dip trays.

If you want to go even cheaper/smaller, look for team napkins and disposable plates.

Power Adapters

Want to keep the RV charged between tailgates? Plug it in at home! You’ll need an adapter unless you want to shell out more money than a lowly stocking stuffer.

Stick-On Levelers

RVs need to be level. And it is tough getting them there. A cross-check level is great for just this purpose. I added one to a flat area near the driver’s window controls, right next to the jack controls.

Bungee Cords

One of the most useful items that I first bought when I got Starter RV was an assortment of bungee cords. There’s always something that needs to be held up or secured and bungee cords are a great way to do this. Get an assortment because you never know what size will be needed next.

Clear Gorilla Tape

You know how duct tape is the engineer’s solution for every problem around the house? Enter the next generation of solutions for the RVer! Clear Gorilla Tape! Seriously, this stuff is awesome for emergency awning repairs, hanging things inside the RV and generally keeping things together. And because it is clear, it goes over everything without being an eyesore. Double win! Speaking of doubles, try the double-sided mounting tape for another way to hang items in the RV. Great addition to the RVers toolbox!


A Leatherman multi-tool is awesome for any RVer. There are always things to cut, file, open, screw, or pull around an RV. You can go expensive but there are also some stocking stuffer priced versions available.

Hand Warmers

Late season games, bowl games, and playoff games are cold! Keep your favorite tailgater warm with hand warmers! These are great to throw in a pocket or a glove to stay warm during those cold games! These HotHands are good for 10 hours, which should last you for the tailgate and the game. Hand warmers are the perfect stocking stuffers!

Rain Ponchos and Suits

A good rain poncho is worth its weight in gold. Actually, probably more considering how little space and weight they take up. But when you’ve got a rainy game (see Georgia Tech vs Clemson), you want to be as dry as you can be.

Rain suits are an even better option for the serious RVer. We’ve got a little extra storage space than the average tailgater. And we will probably eventually have a repair need on a rainy day where the suit provides more mobility and better rain coverage.

What Stocking Stuffers Do You Recommend?

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for RVersDo you have a recommendation for a stocking stuffer under $30? Comment below with your recommendations!

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