Solo Cups Holder for the RV Kitchen

I spent two football seasons dealing with bags of Solo cups falling out of the RV kitchen cabinets every time anyone opened the doors.

This spring, I finally put a stop to this nuisance! I wanted something in the RV where the cups could be left out but in a neat and organized fashion. My solution is this nifty Solo Cup holder.

It makes it so much easier to store Solo Cups in my RV kitchen!

RV Tip for Easy Access Solo Cup Storage in your RV Kitchen

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Camco makes these useful Pop-A-Napkin and Pop-A-Plate dispensers.

I wanted something similar for Solo cups in Starter RV. No such luck! My guess is that there are too many different cup sizes to make the dispensers affordably.

So my search began for an alternative. I spent several long nights surfing the internet and had no luck finding a suitable option for an inexpensive cup dispenser. I was finding options for $100+ restaurant dispensers that were too long for the small interior in my RV.

Even Pinterest wasn’t proving much help. I spent quite a bit of time this winter searching all sections of home improvement stores for ideas. Thus, it was time to turn to the mother of invention – necessity! And thinking outside the box.

Toilet Paper Holder Becomes Solo Cups Holder

After several false starts*, I finally stumbled upon a toilet paper holder at Marshall’s, similar to this one available on Amazon.

* False starts included a paper towel holder and toilet paper holder that each had a middle bar. These don’t work as well as the cylindrical holders – the number of Solo cups is limited by the height of the bar.

The key to a good RV Solo Cup holder is that there is no middle bar to keep the toilet paper rolls in place.

The toilet paper holder about to become the new Solo Cup holder in my RV kitchen - attached to the upper RV kitchen cabinet
Starter RV has limited kitchen wall space, so I got creative and put the holder horizontal instead of the intended vertical placement.

I removed the suction cups and used screws in the kitchen cabinets for a more permanent solution. I placed this right below the main kitchen storage cabinet, on the overhang from the microwave cabinet.

Once the holder was in place and the cups inside, I realized a problem in keeping the cups in the holder.

These GearTies – reusable rubber twist ties – became the solution to keeping the Solo cups in place. In the picture, you’ll see I used a longer blue tie at the opening.

Easy Access to Solo Cups but still out of the way with this easy RV modification using a toilet paper holder in your RV kitchen

The V placement allows tailgaters to quickly grab a Solo cup when needed, while keeping them secure during travel. Since they are rubber twist ties, they will hold up to repeated use and the extreme temperatures of my RV.

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Solo Cup Holder During RV Tailgates

I’ve tailgated one time since installing the Solo cups holder – the spring football game.

It was wonderful not having to go into cabinets each time someone needed a cup, only to have the whole bag fall in my sink.

The holder kept the cups organized while opening up additional space in the cabinets over the sink.

What creative solutions have you found to keep things organized and accessible in your RV during tailgates?

Add Easy Access to Solo Cups in your RV Kitchen with this easy RV modification and RV hackAdd easy access to Solo Cups in your RV kitchen with this easy RV hack & RV modification for your RV kitchenI’m always looking for awesome and creative solutions to pesky organization issues in my RV.

What have you done to store Solo Cups in your RV?

Products Used In This Tip:
Toilet Paper Holder
GearTies – Reusable Rubber Twist Ties

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