Must Have RV Safety Gear

When I started RV Tailgate Life, there was really only one rule: Don’t f* up the tailgate.

And the biggest way to f* it up is to disregard RV safety rules.

Here is the must have RV safety gear to keep the road trip and tailgate rolling!

Find out the must have RV safety gear that you need to stay safe!

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. And very deadly. In RVs, carbon monoxide usually results from vehicle or generator exhaust, pas powered heaters, and LP gas appliances. Even better than a carbon monoxide detector is two carbon monoxide detectors. Get one for the living space and one for the bedroom space. Get the 10 year battery powered detectors for premium RV safety!

Fire Alarm

Fire is deadly in an RV, with the small spaces and abundance of fuel sources. Time is of the essence to get out and to safety. Make sure that you have proper functioning fire alarms. Get the fire alarm with a 10 year battery for premium RV safety!

LP/Propane Detector

An LP detector will detect propane gas long before you can smell the rotten egg smell of a propane leak. Left undetected, propane gas can be deadly. Typical LP detectors last 5-7 years and will need to be replaced thereafter.

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Fire Extinguisher

Look for an all-purpose fire extinguisher for Class A, B, and C fires. You’ll also want a pressure gauge so you can make sure that it will work in case of a fire. And a mounting bracket to keep it handy. Fire extinguishers are often mounted just inside the door, for easy access both inside and outside the RV.

Fire Blanket

One of the draw backs of fire extinguishers is the mess they make when you use them. As a result, many people prefer fire blankets that smother fires, depriving them of the oxygen that the fires need to grow. Without the mess. Fire blankets are also useful to wrap around yourself in case of fire as a last ditch effort at protection.

Genturi RV Generator Exhaust

The biggest producer of carbon monoxide is likely going to be your or your neighbor’s RV generator. Help protect yourself and fellow RV tailgaters by re-directing the generator exhaust up and over the RV with a generator exhaust system. These are so useful, they are often required at tailgating lots.

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First Aid Kit

It is really inevitable that you will get cuts, scrapes, and even more serious wounds while RV tailgating. You should have a basic first aid kit as part of your RV safety gear so the tailgate doesn’t need to stop.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System for an RV
Tires are vital for an RV to get from one place to the next. And when they blow, they can create catastrophic damage. A tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, can often give you advance warning of tire conditions that will lead to a blow out (slow leak or over pressurized). A TPMS system allows you to monitor the tires while in motion, not just when you can park to check the tires.

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WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam

Recording your travels is a great way to insure against fraudulent accident claims – make sure that no one can claim that it is your fault for a rear-end collision when they suddenly stop in front of you. Can also activate recording based on motion sensor, ideal to monitor when the RV is parked between trips. Bonus is that you can record the sites you see as you travel.

Read more about the WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam and why I recommend it.

Safety Triangles and Reflective Vest

It is not a matter of if but when you will have roadside trouble. And it will probably be in the most inconvenient place and at night. Make sure that fellow drivers will be able to see you with safety triangles and reflective vests.

Lighted Dog Leash/Collar

When you are out with the dog at night, you want to make sure that you and him are both visible. Use a lighted dog collar or leash like this one that is rechargeable by USB. Better than reflective collars that are limited by ambient or surrounding light. You can also get solar powered collars and leashes so you’ll never have to worry about charging them up (seriously, just leave it by the door and they will charge)

Head Lamp & Other Flashlights

Head lamps are great because you still have both hands to work on the RV. And when you break down at night and you are trying to fix something, you’ll want both hands. And maybe a third or fourth. So don’t waste a hand holding a flashlight. Also consider additional flashlights with stands. Or solar powered ones. Because really, you cannot have enough flashlights. Ever.

Electronic Braking System

Often required by law, electronic braking systems go in your trailer or your towed vehicle. They connect with your RV braking system to activate the towed vehicle’s braking system. This helps to keep the towed vehicle from overtaking the RV and even hitting it. Braking systems will also alert you to many problems with the towed vehicle braking system, including any disconnects from the system. Vital if you are towing a car.

Steering Stabilizers

Steering stabilizers help maintain straight ahead steering in cases of wind, potholes, curbing, dropping off pavement, and tire blowouts. Stabilizers should be required RV safety gear on all large Class A RVs.

Bear Spray

In many areas, you could meat up with a bear while RVing. A bear spray will let you fight off a bear before it becomes hand to hand combat. In addition to the spray, many sprays also create a fog to help in case you aren’t so accurate (think adrenaline). Also good at defending yourself from other wildlife.

After You Buy RV Safety Gear

Top picks of the essential RV safety gear to keep your tailgate and road trips rollingNow that you have all the cool RV safety gear and all the essential gear for your RV waste tanks, you can start shopping for more fun stuff.

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