10 RV Outdoor Living Accessories for Summer

Let’s take a look at the best RV outdoor living accessories for summer that you’ll want to add to your camping setup. These RV accessories will make the summertime living so good – and less sweaty and buggy!

Along the way, you’ll find out that you are the envy of all the other campers – you’ll be looking stylish and enjoying your RV outdoors, while they are miserable or stuck inside in the air conditioning!

10 Best RV Outdoor Living Accessories for Summer

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RV Outdoor Reversible Rug

No tailgate or camping spot is complete without a rug. Protect dog paws and human feet from hot asphalt at the tailgate by putting down a rug. These RV Outdoor Reversible Rug are breathable, protecting grass that sits underneath them. Meanwhile, they are easy clean and quick dry, important for the inevitable rain storm or muddy campground. Loops on each corner make it easy to stake in soft ground or tie to heavier pieces, making it great for windy areas like beaches.

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Solo Stove

What is the worst part of a camp fire? The smoke! That’s where the Solo Stove comes in – The Solo Stove is engineered to produce less smoke and more flame. That means that you and your RV end up smelling less like a cigarette butt and more like roasted s’mores. The engineered design also means that the Solo Stove is more efficient with the wood you burn, using up all the smallest of pieces. Because those campground firewood prices are out-of-this-world expensive.

Folding Picnic Table with Benches

What’s a great camping meal if you don’t have anywhere to sit and eat it? Everyone needs a picnic table, at least to serve up your tasty creations or to play cards at. But there is never enough seating. And our favorite tailgating chairs aren’t the best for sitting upright and eating. That’s where the benches on this Folding Picnic Table with Benches are so awesome. The table and the benches both fold down and store in one piece for easy storage between trips. This combo table and bench fits in nicely in the very shallow pass-through storage in my Class A gas RV.

Picnic Table Covers

Don’t want to invest in your own picnic table? Or maybe your RV campgrounds usually have picnic tables at each site. Then you’ll want to get these Picnic Table Covers that provide protection from splinters and other messes on the provided picnic tables. And they pretty up your site!

RV Awning Screen

It is H-O-T outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the great outdoors! Make it more comfortable with shade. Add this RV Awning Screen to your RV awning to increase the shade outside the RV. Not only will it make RV outdoor living better, it’ll help cool the inside of the RV too!

Box Fan

You’ve got the shade, but now you need air movement! That’s where a Box Fan comes in. I love the box fan style also because they are easy to store away, unlike many of the bulkier fans marketed as “outdoor fans.” Sometimes, old style is still the best style. In addition to making it feel more comfortable outside, moving air helps to keep the bugs away, which makes RV outdoor living awesome!

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Quad Misting System

Have you ever been in one of those misting zones at a ballpark or amusement park? With this Quad Misting System, you can create a misting zone right at your RV! Cool the surrounding air by as much as 30 degrees with a misting system, providing a ton of relief from oppressive heat. Perfect for setting up along your awning or pop-up tent!

NFL Pop-up Tent

Finding or making shade seems to be a big part of the RV outdoor living in the summer. And when you can’t be in a shaded campground, you’ll have to make your own shade – with a NFL Pop-up Tent. Do double duty with tailgate season by getting a pop-up tent with your favorite NFL team (or college team).

Freestyle Outdoor Rocking Chair

The GCI Freestyle Outdoor Rocking Chair are great for outdoor RV living! Rock away your worries by the camp fire, and then when it is time to leave, fold them down flat for easy storage in your RV basement. These are comfortable for even larger people, with a weight capacity of at least 250 pounds.

Adjustable RV Step

The Camco Adjustable RV Step is perfect for those uneven campground spots when you need a little extra step-up to your RV. The adjustable step is great for frequent travelers, when you never know what your site will bring, giving you up to 9 extra inches of step. This step is good for up to 1,000 pounds, so it never matters how much you carry into your motorhome. It also folds down into about three inches, making it easy to store away when you don’t need the extra step.

The Best RV Outdoor Living Accessories for Summer Camping

10 Best RV Outdoor Living Accessories for Summer with a picture of a Class A motorhome in an RV campgroundDo you have suggestions for other RVers on the best RV outdoor living accessories to make summer camping more enjoyable or stylish? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

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