Get Your Morning Coffee On: RV K-Cup Storage

Looking for an RV friendly Keurig machine and RV K-Cup storage options? Then you’ve found the right place!

Organize K-Cup Pods in your RV kitchen with this small kitchen friendly storage solution! Don't worry about falling K-Cups from your RV kitchen cabinets no longer

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I’m not a big coffee drinker. In fact, I don’t drink coffee at all. But some of my tailgating friends do. And for many of you who drink coffee, you just aren’t pleasant to be around until you’ve had your morning cup of Joe. So I wouldn’t want to deprive you of your coffee when you are staying in my RV.

Like many that have only an occasional cup of coffee, the Keurig coffee systems have been pretty nifty. And in addition to coffee, they have lots of juice mixes, hot chocolate, and cider options. Great to use as mixers for your adult beverages or to keep warm during cold tailgates. So even this non-coffee drinker finds a Keurig machine handy.

Of course, the problem with most Keurig machines is that they are way too large for a small RV like the Starter RV. I mean, look at this kitchen counter space – there’s just no space to keep a large Keurig machine.

Bella Single Serve Coffee Brewer is perfect for limited and small RV kitchensThe Bella Single Serve Coffee Makers were the smallest K-cup machines I could find for my RV.

Much better than a large coffee pot. I still have to store it away for driving purposes but that sink there sure is handy for such things.

This Bella machine is small because it does not have a large water reservoir like many brewers do. Instead of storing a lot of water, you just poor in exactly what you need, when you need it.

The small water reservoir is also great for part-time RVers that don’t drink coffee every single day. The Keurig could easily become something that you forget to empty out before a few weeks off. If you had a large water reservoir, you might get a fun science experiment with mold and fungus stuff. We typically have enough of that going on in RVs, don’t add another experiment station!

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K-Cup Storage in the RV Kitchen

K-Cups used to be stored in an old grocery bag in the kitchen cabinet. But that wasn't a great solution.Now though, the next issue is the K cups! The problem is storing these pesky little creatures.

Last season, the K-cup pods just ended up stored in a plastic bag in the cabinet. But that’s messy and really not the most efficient use of space.

I looked for one of those under the cabinet options, but as you can see from the picture – the shelf is too wide with that finishing piece on the front. The under the shelf options didn’t really seem to work in the RV.

I looked into building my own K-cup storage. But you need the two inch PVC pipe for that and well, those options all looked to take up even more room in the limited space I had to work with. I figured that I would end up leaving the K-cups in the plastic grocery bag in the cabinets.

But then I stumbled across these Coffee Pod Pads. They stick onto the bottoms of cabinets or the inside of the door. They come three to a pack.

Coffee Pod Pads, the best in RV K-Cup storage, let you leave K-Cups easily accessible but organized and out of the way. Great for limited space RV kitchens.

When the Coffee Pod Pads came in, I was concerned that they wouldn’t hold the K-Cups as we rumbled across the roads. As anyone that has driven in or around Atlanta knows, the roads around here aren’t the best. Add trips up and down the Atlantic Coast, including more than a few field and boondocking destinations, and you know that anything hanging upside down has to be tight to stay in there.

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RV friendly storage for K-cups in the small RV kitchenBut the Coffee Pod Pads hold the K cups in there pretty tight. I filled one up with K-cups and banged it around, hitting the cabinet and what not. They held tight. So I think they will hold up well to normal driving and you won’t end up with K-cups all over the kitchen area of your RV.

The best thing is that the K-cups are also easily accessible, without emptying out half the cabinets. For those that just don’t function before your AM shot of caffeine, that’s probably a pretty good thing.

Update: When I traded up from Starter RV, the pod pads were still holding strong on the bottom of the cabinet. I never had a K-cup fall out either. I definitely recommend these Coffee Pod Pads to help organize your RV kitchen!

K-Cup Storage Inside The RV Cabinets

Organize K-Cups in small kitchens by using K-Cup Coffee Pod Pads on the inside of the cabinet doorWith the upgrade from Starter RV to the new Tiffin RV, I had to find a new place for the K-Cup pod pads.

After some thinking about it and testing things out, I determined that the best place to put the pod pads was inside the kitchen cabinet directly over the sink. There is just enough room between the door and the cabinet shelf to fit the K-Cup Pods and Pod pads.

Since the pods are now hidden inside the kitchen cabinet door, it is maintaining my clean, minimalist look in the new RV. And leaving room for other items below the cabinets.

Another happy installation of Coffee Pod Pads.

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Have You Found Better RV K-Cup Storage Options?

Tame K-Cups in your Small RV Kitchen with K-Cup Cofee Pod PadsWhat have you done to help with RV K-Cup storage? Let me know what other solutions you have found by commenting below!

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