10 RV Gadgets You’ll Wish You Had For Your Next Tailgate

Over the past two years, our tailgate has gotten some new RV gadgets or at least upgrades to old gadgets. Here are some of the things that either I myself have used or others in our tailgate have used and loved.

[pullquote-left]Gadget: a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one[/pullquote-left]To be included on this list, each gadget has to fulfill a specific use. Of course, we love gadgets that are multi-purpose since space is so limited in an RV. High preference also for things that make RV tailgating life more fashionable and comfortable (hello summer and winter tailgates!)

These are the top 10 RV gadgets that you’ll wish you had for your next tailgate.

10 RV Gadgets You Need Now with a picture of a Class A motorhome

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for all the RV Gadgets below. You get the same low prices and we earn a small commission.

Football Crock-Pot

One of the best things about the RV is the power you have for cooking. But who wants to slave over the hot stove instead of tailgating? Behold the power of the Crock-Pot, where you can set it up to cook while you enjoy the festivities. Also perfect for cold weather chilis and soups or hot dips. We’ve even used it to make a cake. You can’t go wrong with one, two or even three of these!

My Pick: Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Portable Slow Cooker
(It even has the football field on it for added ambiance)

Portable Ice Cube Maker

When your non-RVing friends call to tell you that they are on their way and if they need to pick something up, the answer always seems to be ice. So what if you could make your own ice? Get a counter top ice maker and you can. Don’t worry about those trays and what not. Just produce pounds and pounds of fresh ice. You’ll have plenty to keep your sweet tea vodka and lemonades cold!

See Also: Tips to stay cool during hot tailgates

Phone Battery Packs

I don’t know what I would do without my extra battery packs at tailgates. First, it is a hard shell case to protect your phone. Add is has the added benefit of being a battery pack. So now you can go all day, tweeting smack talk and taking Instagram pictures and not worrying about how much battery you have left. Because this will provide an entire extra full battery if not two full charges! It adds a little extra bulk to the phone

My Pick: mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 11 Pro
(Also available for Samsung and other phone manufacturers.)

Bluetooth Speaker

The mophie Juice Pack will come in handy for our next gadget: a Bluetooth speaker. After food, the next requirement for a good tailgate has to be music. And now with Bluetooth capability, you don’t even have to leave your phone tethered to the speaker. So go ahead and play your pre-game pump up music playlist! You’ve got a game to win!

Digital Laser Thermometer

Ever wondered how well insulated your RV is? Or want to know whether your AC is working properly? Get yourself this little RV gadget to answer your questions! A laser infrared thermometer is just point and shoot. You’ll see a little red dot so you know what it is reading. So as long as you are measuring solid surfaces and not just the air around you, then you’ll be good to go with this gadget. Great for checking the temp on your RV tires too! Prevent blowout by checking at each stop.

Portable Air Compressor

You are at the tailgate and you realize your tires are low. But you know how important it is to keep them properly inflated, so you bring out the portable air compressor. Bonus: it is also great to inflate the tires of the kids’ bikes or the football they are throwing around. So many uses you’ll definitely want this RV gadget at the next tailgate!

Solar String Lights

What’s worse than coming back to the tailgate after the game and not being able to see where you are going? Hang a set of solar string lights from your awning. You’ll have some light to see by and it adds a nice touch to the tailgate after the sun goes down. You know, when all the fun is had. Since they are solar, you won’t have to worry about draining the battery on the RV either. Most solar string light sets will get you well into the night without going dead so you won’t be without light until after you head to bed.

Battery Powered Fan

One of the best ways to stay cool, both inside and outside the RV, is with fans. That breeze can be all the difference between bearable and unbearable. What’s even better is when you can move them around. Smaller battery powered fans are not limited by power cords, don’t take up valuable plug space, and can be moved inside and outside as needed.

My Pick: O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter
(AC or Battery leaves your options open)

Heated Jacket

Sometimes you won’t need a fan to keep cool. In fact, you’ll want to stay warm. Try a heated jacket! Most are water resistant so you’ll stay dry in misty or light rain. Some can even recharge your cellphone! Don’t forget to get one with a hood!

Propane Fire Pit

When the air turns a bit chilly at night, you’ll want to bring out the fire pit! Now some people will swear by wood burning fire pits, but personally, that is a bunch of work. I much prefer the propane version. You don’t have to lug the firewood (just a propane tank which you might even be able to hook up to your main RV propane tank) or worry about ashes. Or pests that come in firewood. Definitely go with the propane.

What are your must have RV gadgets?

Gadgets you will want for your next RV tailgateWhat would make our RV tailgate even more awesome? We are looking for some new gadgets to test out during baseball season, which we kind of treat as our testing ground for football season. So let us know by commenting below what we need to try!

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