Add RV Flagpoles and Flags to Your Tailgate Setup

Every tailgate needs a flag. Or 10. And to do that, you’ll need RV flagpoles!

Show your team spirit with RV flags and flag poles

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Show Your Team Spirit with RV Flags

This Broncos fan takes his flag game to the next level. He has 36 flags at his tailgate!

It shouldn’t be hard to find Scott in the parking lot. And that is precisely why you need a flag. So people can find you.

And show some team spirit. Personally, I haven’t gone as far as Scott – I only have two flags that I fly behind my RV. I have the American flag on top and a Gold GT flag below it.

Best RV Flagpole Mounts

Ladder Mount RV Flagpoles

Of course, you’ll need some flag poles to raise your flags high above the tailgate.

I use the Flag Pole Buddy kit that attaches to the RV ladder on the back.

You can get these kits in a 16 foot and a 22 foot version.

They are best with 3 foot by 5 foot horizontal flags and can fly multiple flags each. The poles are lightweight fiberglass poles that collapse for convenient storage between tailgates.

RV Tailgate Life with RV flags flying at Oak Plantation RV Resort in Charleston, South Carolina

Installation (for the ladder hardware) is easy and only needs to be done once.

Setting up the flags is easy as well. I leave the flag clips on the flags between uses and then slip them over the flagpole – the bottom flag first, followed by the top flag. Then I extend all the sections of the flag pole, put in hitch pins in the holes where two sections connect, and place the flag pole in the ladder hardware.

The clips are specially sized for the pole at the point where they rest. And the clips help hold up the pole in the wind and keep it from collapsing. The hitch pins are only used on the lower sections where the flags do not reach.

I haven’t had any problem with poles collapsing in the wind either.

Tire Mount RV Flagpoles

Another popular way to fly tailgating flags is with an under-tire mount flag pole.

Here, you’ll put the flagpole in a bracket that has a flat metal surface that you’ll role the tires over.

A disadvantage of these flagpoles (or at least these mounts, you can use the same flagpoles) is that you have to move the RV after you set it out.

This means that your tailgate setup will change slightly. You’ll need to get the tire mount out and placed before you lower the RV jacks and turn off the engine. One advantage though is that you can take these with you on road trips without the RV and put the mount under your car or SUV.

Note: If you are searching Amazon for the under tire mount flagpoles that you know whether you are getting just the mount or the mount and the flagpole.

If the price is in the range of $20-40, it’s likely you are only getting the mount. Usually the kits are cheaper in this case since you get the mount and the flag pole.

RV Hitch Mount Flagpoles

The hitch mount flagpoles are also a good option for tailgaters, unless of course, you are towing a car or smoker behind your rig.

If you disconnect your toad though, you’ll be fine. These are also great if you sometimes take the car, truck or SUV tailgating and leave the RV at home. You can still take your flags with you, as long as you don’t have anything else hitch mounted (I see you grills and TV boxes!)

One of the cool thing about hitch mounted flagpoles is you have the ability to add quite a few flagpoles and thus flags.

Add a few RV bumper adapters and a few more hitch mounts and you too can be like Scott the Broncos fan with a few dozen flags.

Like with the tire mount option, make sure that you are buying both the mount and the flagpole. The Camco option on Amazon is only the mount and you’ll need to order the flagpole separately.

Ground Mount Flagpoles

Although they are available, it’s usually not advisable to try the ground mount flagpoles. These use stakes to bury the bottom in the ground. I don’t advise these for a couple of reasons:

  1. You are likely to be in a parking lot with limited grass or soft surfaces to drive the mount into the ground.
  2. Even if you are on soft ground, many places will prohibit you from driving stakes into the ground.

The ground mount poles are much better saved for the beach and not the tailgate.

Ready to Add RV Flagpoles to Your Tailgating Gear?

Add flags to your RV Tailgate to show your team spirit and find your RV in a crowdShow your team spirit with RV flagsOr have you already added flags? Tag us on Twitter or Instagram with your best tailgate and RV flag setups!

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  1. I’m using FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 16 Feet. And I am truly impressed with this product. As long as you follow the enclosed directions and mounting recommendations, you should be as satisfied as I am with this product.
    And I must admit, I did have my doubt’s about this flag pole after reading some of the reviews. Worth every penny IMHO. I would recommend this product to anyone that requires a reliable flag pole for their home or RV.

    1. Gary, the Flagpole Buddy Kit is what I have on my RV ladder and use to fly the flags for tailgates and rallies. It’s very easy to use, including setup and take-down. Glad you found it useful.


  2. Camco Flagpole is also great. The flagpole can extend up to a staggering 20 feet in the air. When you are ready to go back home, it can collapse to just 64 inches in length. Furthermore, it is quite affordable.

    1. It would have been an excellent flagpole for the RV, but there is one thing that I had an issue with – that is, the holder does not hold the flag as tightly as I would have wanted. If the holder’s diameter was not so big, then it would have been perfect.

  3. I mounted a 22′ flag pole on the back of our 5th wheel RV. extremely strong and wind-resistant to 40 MPH This flagpole does not show any signs of rusting even after being exposed to natural elements for six months. I am confident that it won’t break while I’m using it or while I’m in transit.

  4. I bought this to mount a 20ft aluminum telescoping flag pole on the bumper of my RV. It’s extremely strong and fits the 2″ receiver that I attached to my 4″ bumper. I attempt to use this coming summer to mount a cellphone antenna to induce better service on those hard-to-reach campsites.