20 Under $20: RV Closet Organization Tools from Amazon

Are you having problems keeping your RV closets organized?

Or maybe you arrived at your tailgate spot to find all the clothes in a pile in the corner of your RV closet instead of hanging neatly on the hangers like when you left home.

At some point, we all have that problem. But here are 20 easy and brilliant RV closet organization tools from Amazon to help keep your RV closet organized. And the clothes hanging on the hangers.

Not on the floor. In a messy heap.

Bonus – at the time of publication, each of these items was under $20. That means that not only are these easy RV closet organization tools, they are cheap too!

20 tools under $20 for RV closet organization

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Hangers Too Wide For RV Closets

Are the standard hangers you bought too wide?

In other words are the shoulders of your shirts keeping you from closing the closet doors?

Try kids hangers! Yes, they even have slim, non-slip hangers in kids’ sizes. And really, all that means is that the hangers are more narrow through the shirt shoulders.

Sized perfectly for fitting into your RV closet!

Add Shelf Space

You can fit a lot more clothes in a small space if you fold and stack them up.

But the problem is going to be when you want that shirt on the bottom of the pile! Instead of creating a mess by pulling that one shirt out of the large stack, try shelves to make shorter stacks.

And hanging shelves are lightweight (perfect for not increasing the cargo weight in your RV) and can adapt to fit the space easily.

Bonus tip: to help the hanging shelves stay on the closet rod while you are driving your RV, put the hangers in opposite directions, one forward and one backwards.

More Shelving Options

If you don’t have a rod, or you want to take it out of your RV closet to provide more shelf space, then consider wire cube storage shelves.

One of the advantages of the cube system is that you customize the cubes to fit your RV closet.

You don’t have to use them in a 2×2 square. You could go 1×4 to have shelves across the bottom of a long closet. Or to go straight up for one column. Or three across the bottom and two high on the end to form an L.

Basically, whatever configuration you can come up with that will fit in your RV closet to maximize the space inside.

Divvy Up Shelves

If you have a wood or stable shelf, then you can keep the clothes and even bags organized with shelf dividers.

By adding shelf dividers, you can keep stacks of sweaters or t-shirts in one place and bags in their rightful place.

This means that once again, you won’t have to worry about jumbled messes when you arrive at your RV destination.

Way to stay organized!

Small Item Organization

Do you need somewhere to store small items like socks, bras, underwear, glvoes, even flip flops?

Then this double sided hanging closet organizer is perfect for you!

The white mesh makes it easy to see thru, for quick and easy access to your items.

Two sides means double the organization!

Hang Multiple Pants on One Hanger

Put five pairs of pants or scarves on one hanger!

These S-Type Stainless Steel Hangers are stronger than typical plastic hangers to hold the weight of multiple pairs of pants.

That means they won’t end up in the bottom of your RV closet after your trip!

One piece of caution: if you have the short RV closets, like I do, then you may need to double up the folds for the lowest pants to keep the pants from pooling at the bottom of the closet.

Hang Multiple Shorts or Skirts on One Hanger

Skirts and shorts are harder to fold over like pants are.

But you can still hang multiple items on one hanger, thus saving space, with these six tier hangers with short clips.

The rubber tips on he clips help to prevent marks on your clothes as well as provide better gripping action so that the clothes don’t fall to a heap at the bottom of your closet.

The foldable design is actually very convenient for getting the right pair of shorts off the hanger (because you always want the ones in the middle). You can just fold the hanger back to get to the exact pair of shorts (or skirt) that you want.

Repurpose a Tie/Belt Racks

Sure, you can use a tie or belt hanger to hang ties. Or even belts. But how boring of you to use something for its intended purpose.

Sorry guys, the women are taking over this RV closet organization hack!

I’ve found that tie/belt racks also make great ways to organize bras.

Just hang the bras from the hooks. It won’t work great for your strapless bras, but anything with a strap hangs great and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Leave that drawer space for other things!

Use the Back of Your RV Closet Door

One often overlooked area that you can use is the back of your RV closet door.

It’s actually the perfect place for your dirty clothes hamper bag.

I like putting the hamper bag on the door because it is one thing that you will be taking in and out a lot (because laundry day!)

By putting it on the door, you aren’t worried about pulling out all the other hanging items at the same time.

These also come in a variety of colors, so get something like bright yellow for a bit of sunshine as you do your laundry chores.

Organize Accessories on the Back of the RV Closet

You can also mount other organizers on the back of your RV closet.

One thing that women always have is a bunch of accessories. Necklaces, hair bands, sunglasses, bracelets, and earrings.

And the guys are quickly catching up too! With watches, sunglasses, necklaces, and other trinkets.

Organize these accessories by adding an Accessory Organizer to the back of your RV closet door!

This one is great because it has the basket on top which can also hold your earrings (hooks or studs), the hooks for larger items like bracelets or watches, and then more hooks for longer necklaces.

Hanging Jewelry Organization Options

If you have more jewelry and accessories to organize than can fit on the mounted organizer, then try a hanging organizer.

These are double-sided, with pockets on one side. And hoops on the other side for bracelets and necklaces.

The slim fit means that it won’t be taking up a lot of valuable hanging space in your RV closet either.

It is also ideal for part-time RVers that will be continually moving their jewelry from the RV to their sticks and bricks home. No need to keep multiple sets of jewelry or to pack and unpack the jewelry when you can just move the whole hanging organizer, right with your clothes.

Keep Hangers From Sliding

Do the hangers slide around in your RV closet when you are traveling? And then all the clothes end up in a pile at the bottom of your closet?

Stop both problems with wire loom tubing, now available in some cool colors.

The ridges will keep the hangers from sliding.

The tubing also makes the hangers fit better over the rod, which means they are less likely to bounce off the next time you hit a pothole.

The cool colors can actually help you in the dark recesses of the RV closet (another trick coming up).

Light Up Your RV Closet

Even if your RV closet has lights built into the 12V system, it’s likely that once you have it full of clothes, you’ll have some dark recesses that you just can’t see into.

Enter Motion Sensor, Battery Operated LED Light Pucks.

They are small and compact but provide a mighty bright stream of light anywhere you need it when they detect motion. So, when you open your RV closet doors!

Just make sure that wherever you put them, that the sensors will be able to detect movement – so up high near the rod, on the ceiling, or on the door. Or if you have a post between doors, that’s good too.

Go Over the Closet Rod

Many times, the closet rod is hung pretty low, leaving extra space near the ceiling.

And we don’t want to waste any space!

Take advantage of this space by installing a cargo net on the closet ceiling.

Then add things like socks, hats, gloves, even t-shirts in this space.

Kind of like all those stuffed animals in the kids bedroom. Or the sports stuff in the garage.

Use Storage Cubes

Are you one of the lucky ones that have really tall RV closets?

That leaves room at the bottom, under your hanging clothes, for extra storage!

Instead of leaving the clothes in piles that will get sloshed around during transport, organize your piles with foldable storage cubes!

You can line them along the bottom of the closet and pull them out with the handy handles.

Double Your Shoe Organization Space

Maximize your shoe space by organizing them with these shoe slots.

You stack a pair of shoes on top of each other. But like when packing in a suitcase, these turn the shoes toe to heel. Except vertically instead of flat.

And with adjustable angles, these shoe slots will adjust for men’s shoes, women’s high heels, work boots, and tennis shoes. And adjust to fit the space available in your RV while keeping the shoes on display so you know where they are.

Keep Things From Moving on the RV Closet Floor

If you are going to put things on the RV closet floor, you don’t want them to move around, right?

Try Gorilla Grip Shelf Liner to keep your clothes, shoes, and the right where you left them!

The shelf liner is also great for your kitchen shelves and to keep glass items from rattling. So many places to use this in the RV, you can’t go wrong with adding some to your RV supplies!

Storage Bags Are Great For Bulky Items

Do you have extra sheets and blankets to store? Maybe some bulky sweaters or coats that you won’t need for awhile?

Store them in foldable storage bags.

The clear sides let you easily see what is inside, while the handles let you move around easily. Since they are zippered up, the contents inside are protected from dust, pests, smell, and water damage, always threats in the RV.

Use the Outside of the Closet

How many mirrors does one really need in an RV bedroom? Mine has four, one on each closet door panel (not to mention the mirror in the bathroom).

It’s no big deal to cover a few of these up with hanging clothes.

Use an over-the-door towel bar for extra hanging space on the outside of your closet door.

This one, designed for the kitchen, is great because it is only 9 inches wide, making it perfect for the narrow RV closet doors.

RV Closet Organization Tools

20 Tools Under $20 for RV Closet Organization
What organizational tools have you used in your RV closet to keep things organized?

Or at least not end up with all your hanging clothes on the floor when you arrive at your tailgate?

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