20 For 2020: Unique RV Christmas Gifts

Looking for RV Christmas gifts for the RVer in your life? Or maybe you want to tell your friends and family what to get you for Christmas this year.

Then take a look at these possible new additions, all that I have either used this year or could have used but didn’t have. All of these Christmas presents will be so useful for an RVer and tailgater.

You’ll be sure to get lots of thanks from your favorite RV people if you give any of these Christmas presents this year.

20 RV Christmas Presents for 2020

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TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TST RV tire pressure monitoring systemIf you are like most RV tailgaters, it means that your RV is on the move quite often. Whether it is a large Class A motorhome, a fifth wheel, or travel trailer, you need to protect your tires!

Keep an eye on both the PSI tire pressure and the temperature with the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System. By knowing what the PSI and the temperature are on each of your tires, you can prevent the dreaded blowout on the road.

You might be tempted to find a cheaper system. But word of warning, especially for those with larger RVs. The cheaper TPMS systems are well, cheaper for a reason. I had one before I upgraded to this exact unit, so I should know. The cheaper system I had would only go up to 99 PSI but my tires would consistently get above 100 PSI while driving. But I didn’t know how high! I was basically flying blind – I might as well not have had any system on the tires at all.

Propane Fire Pit

Stay warm with an Outland Firebowl.

A propane fire bowl means that you don’t have to worry about finding firewood at a tailgate. And you can often use them while burn bans are in effect. And you don’t have to worry about smoke in your hair, clothes, or your RV!

The 19 inch firebowl is the perfect size between producing lots of heat and small enough for easy storage in your RV basement!

I have this one and love it! It’s easy to setup and take down. And since it is so small, it is easy to store in the RV all year round!

Mr. Heater 540 Degree Radiant Heater

Another convenient solution for outdoor heat is the Mr. Heater Propane Tank Portable Heater.

This heater sits on top of the propane tank and unlike earlier versions, heat is available in all directions.

This makes it easier for everyone to gather around the warmth at the cold tailgates.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Once you are done with the tailgating, slip into a warm bed with this Sunbeam Electric Blanket.

It’s great to warm up the bed while your generator is running in the evening for it’s late night battery charge. And then you won’t have to worry about getting into cold sheets, making it even easier to fall asleep.

The Sunbeam Electric Blanket is also machine washer and dryer safe, making it easy to clean up if the dogs, kids, or drunks leave you unpleasant surprises.

Freestyle Portable Rocking Chair

What’s better than sitting around the campfire in a rocking chair?

A rocking chair that folds up to just five inches high. That means it can lay flat in the pass-through storage areas, even in a gas RV like mine.

The Freestyle Rockers are comfortable and heavy duty. They are rated for 250 pounds but they have withstood use by offensive linemen at my tailgate!

No assembly required – they came in the package folded up but ready to use. So you don’t have to worry about lining up the spring-action rockers before you start using them!

I’ve got two of these Freestyle Rocking Chairs and cannot recommend them enough!

Football Field Outdoor RV Mat

Do you have an outdoor mat for your RV tailgating?

This is the perfect outdoor mat for any football fan.

At 9×12, it is large enough to cover the area outside your RV, under your awning.

Keep dog paws and human feet off the hot pavement and sand and dirt out of the RV with this mildew-resistant Football Field Outdoor RV Mat

Locking Magnetic Hide-A-Key Case

It finally happened to me.

The dogs or the humans, not sure which, but someone or something closed the door and engaged the bottom lock during one of the RV tailgates. And I didn’t have the RV keys in my pocket!

Fortunately, for me, it was a nice day outside so I had left some windows open. It was easy for one of the guys to climb in to unlock the door.

But it would have been so much easier if I had just hidden a key outside the RV somewhere.

Get one, like the Kidde Magnetic Key Case that has a combo lock on it. Then you’ll put the key and hide it somewhere you can get to.

Like in the non-locking propane tank area. Or under the hood somewhere.

Hitch Key Vault

Another option is the HitchSafe.

This is a great option if you don’t use the hitch on your RV or car to tow anything.

Just remember to put it back in place or hide a key somewhere else for when you do tow another vehicle or add a flag using a hitch mount.

Flow-Rite Pro-Fill RV Battery Kit

The Flow-Rite Pro-Fill RV Battery Kit makes RV battery maintenance a breeze.

Most RV house batteries require that you fill them with water periodically. But often those batteries are hard to reach or way too heavy to move out to where you can get to them.

Or perhaps the wires are connected in such a way to make moving the caps impossible.

Using a Flow-Rite Pro-Fill RV Battery Kit means that you don’t have to worry about reaching those caps. Just attach the hand pump (sold separately) to pump water to any cells that need more water.

Ryobi 18-Volt 6-Tool Combo Kit

Start your RV power tool collection with this Ryobi Combo Kit, which has a power drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, multi-tool, work light, battery, battery charger, and a bag to store it all in.

I’ve used my Ryobi 18-Volt 6-Tool Combo Kit to do everything from basic maintenance to creating DIY Jack Pads.

The flashlight is particularly handy for nighttime repairs or even just walking the dog.


ESPN+ Free Trial!AdvertisementIf you’ve been waiting to cut the cord until you can find a decent way to access ESPN content, then ESPN+ is the answer for you!

ESPN+ brings you all the live programming you need to watch college or NFL football, MLB, NHL, as well as original programs like Peyton’s Place and 30 for 30 episodes.

No reason to keep cable now!

Under Tire Tailgaters Flagpole Package

Add some more flags to your tailgate or camping setup with this under-tire flagpole mount with a 20 foot collapsible flag pole.

This Flagpole Tailgaters Package can hold two three foot by five foot flags, your standard large flag size.

Folding Step Stool

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but RVers should keep one of these Rubbermaid Step Stools inside their RV.

It is so easy to pull out and setup to help you reach those upper cabinets or when you’ve burned something on the stove and need to turn off the fire alarm!

Having quick access to a step stool is so much more convenient than going outside to get the large step stool. And this Rubbermaid Step Stool one is easy to store.

I have one and have used it to assist with inside repairs and organization projects. And getting to the fire alarm (hey, don’t judge me! I have to test how long to cook all these recipes some how!)

Spandex Table Covers

Take your tailgate to the next level and cover those ugly folding tables with these spandex table covers.

The covers come in a variety of colors for folding tables of 4 to 8 feet and will make your tailgate look all kinds of classy.

Spandex Table Covers are thick enough to withstand even the toughest of RV tailgates (mine!) and can be machine washed and dried, making for easy care.

College Pop-Up Cooler, Hamper, or Trash Can

Is it a trash can? A cooler? A hamper? A recycle bin?

You decide! But make sure you have your favorite college logo and colors in this Multi-Function Pop-Up Barrel.

Clip On Paper Towel Holder

Always needing paper towels or napkins at the tailgate but tired of them flying away or getting knocked over?

Then try this Clip On Paper Towel Holder, which can attach to a grill, a folding table, or a pop-up tent.

How amazing is that?

28 Inch Blackstone Grill with Griddle Top

The Blackstone Griddle craze has finally hit my tailgate!

This year, we’ve seen two new Blackstones appear, and boy are they perfect for feeding a large crowd for breakfast. And Philly cheesesteaks. And a bunch of other options.

My tailgate seems to like the 28 inch Blackstone with Griddle Top which has foldable legs for easy storage. And wheels to get it where it needs to go.

Combo Fryer/Boiler Kit

Low country boils are great for tailgating. So are fried turkeys and a lot of other fried foods.

This 3-in-1 Combo Fryer comes with everything you need to deep fry a turkey or cook a low country boil.

You’ve got the stock pot, the lid, the steamer basket, the turkey hook, the stand, the burner, and the hose to connect to your propane tank all ready to go.

Football Slow Cooker

This just officially went on my wish list.

It’s a football shaped slow cooker. At 1.5 quarts, this Football Slow Cooker perfect for serving dips at the tailgate.

College Football Cutting Board

Pick your favorite college football team to have a stylish RV kitchen next tailgate season!

This 16 inch college logo cutting board is great not only for the RV kitchen but also serving up some of your favorite RV tailgating snacks!

More RV Christmas Gifts and Ideas

20 Totally Awesome Christmas Presents for RVers in 2020What are you getting the RVer in your life for Christmas this year? Let us know what great ideas you have so that other RVers can “borrow” your ideas.

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Still having trouble figuring out what to get your family or friends this holiday season? Or perhaps you need to know what to tell your family to get you.

Here are some more RV Christmas Gift ideas if what’s above doesn’t work for you:

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