RinseKit: Portable Shower for Tailgating

RinseKit: portable shower for RVing and tailgatingBack in May, one of my old bartending friends who loves the outdoors posted a Facebook link to a Kickstarter campaign for RinseKit.

RinseKit is a portable shower that requires no batteries or pumping to work.

After reviewing the Kickstarter pages, I knew this could be awesome for tailgating. Hot, pressurized water on demand that you can take anywhere? Sign me up!

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While the Kickstarter campaign is over, the RinseKit is now available from Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Portable Shower for Tailgating

So you have an RV and you think you don’t need this new product? Think again.

First, because it requires no power you don’t have to worry about batteries or a generator running to pump the water out. You can take it outside – wash those dog paws after a muddy tailgate before your four-legged friend enters the RV.

Or wash out dishes to keep ants and other pests out of the RV and your tanks smelling better.

Even if you have an outdoor shower, does it provide warm water? Wherever you want it?

RinseKit portable shower adapters for filling from kitchen faucet or outside hoseIt really is as easy as it looks in the video to fill the RinseKit – although I do recommend that you check your kitchen sink adapter. I found a hidden filter in mine that was preventing it from connecting and filling properly. Once that was removed, it worked like a charm.

The kitchen sink adapter needs to be only fingertip tight, so you can easily attach and detach it and then use your regular kitchen sink adapters/filters.

Get your RinseKit from Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Worried About Running Out of Water?

Fill the RinseKit portable shower with hot water using the sink adapter - at least until the hot water heater is available
Fill the RinseKit portable shower with hot water using the sink adapter.

The RinseKit holds 2 gallons of water, good for about 5 minutes of showering or 30 minutes of misting.

Of course, RVers have the added benefit over other tailgaters by refilling the RinseKit with water from the RV freshwater tanks.

Worried that you won’t have enough pressure with your RV pumps to charge the RinseKit? They have a Field Fill Kit coming out that uses a bike pump to pressurize the tank. You’ll be in water pressure heaven – maybe even better than that old RV shower you’ve got going on.

What’s a Portable Shower without Hot Water?

There are two ways to get hot water with the RinseKit: fill it with hot water or get the water heater, which is expected this fall.

The water heater is said to charge via DC or AC power, so you’ll have your options in or out of the RV.

Once the hot water is in the tank, it should hold for hours. The tank is insulated and holds heat well in our testing. The hot water heater adapter is expected to ship in October, just in time for the cold games!

RV Tailgate Approved

I can see the RinseKit being used a lot at our tailgates, despite what my mother says (she’s of the opinion that I already have a portable shower – the RV’s shower. Too bad she’s not as excited as me about the RinseKit!).

Having a portable shower or water supply will be great for washing down people, pets, gear and even dishes. RV maintenance and cleaning just got a little easier too.

The best tailgating feature is yet to be tested: a misting fan. RinseKit claims that it will provide mist for about 30 minutes!

Great for those hot tailgates and keeping cool. Hopefully they have the misting fans ready to go before football season!

I have a feeling that the RinseKit will also get a lot of use outside tailgating. Obviously, the RinseKit is being heavily marketed around the beach and outdoors. Get the sand off your feet after a walk on the beach.

Are you one of those mud race people? Clean up before you get back in the car.

Need to wash the car or water the plants where a hose won’t go? Use the RinseKit! And of course, while sitting at the pool, use the misting fan to cool off. Only the beginning of the uses we see from the RinseKit portable shower.

The RinseKit is available from Amazon and Wal-Mart. Buy yours today in time for tailgating season!

Do you have a RinseKit?

Have you tried a RinseKit? How do you like it?

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