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One of the fears for many RV owners is theft or damage while your RV is left unattended. Whether that is at an RV storage lot, at a seasonal campground, or even while you are away on an excursion or at the ballgame. It could even be when it is parked in your own driveway!

That’s where an RV Security System comes into play. We are used to our home security systems, but most RVs aren’t setup with security systems. So we have to adapt!

Find out why I recommend the Ring Alarm Pro as an RV Security System.

Ring Alarm Pro - RV Security System product review by RV Tailgate Life

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Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece security system kit
The Ring Alarm Pro system is a cell-based, subscription service that bridges all your Alexa-enabled devices, including cameras, motion detectors, glass break sensors, door and window and sensors, and other typical home alarm system features.


  • Easy setup with a smartphone
  • Cell-based so you don’t have to worry about a WiFi connection
  • Can add routines with Alexa-enabled devices when certain conditions met


  • Subscription required for camera history.
  • Limited bandwidth before cameras and many functions are disabled.
  • Few RV-specific Alexa-enabled devices so far.

Ideal For: all RVers that desire an RV security system. Part-timers, full-timers, stationary, etc.

Highly recommend the Ring Alarm Pro system for remote monitoring, including cameras, and basic automation of the RV. The system itself does require subscription for most remote monitoring capabilities, but include its own cell-based connection.

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Why Now? Why I Need a Security System in the RV

Since I got my first RV years and years ago, I have always been able to park my RV in my driveway between trips.

Unfortunately, this summer, I had a city inspector show up at my house and tell me that I couldn’t keep my RV in my driveway. It’s not the HOA – it is the actual city that is telling me this. And sure, I could probably try to fight them on various legal grounds, but I don’t have the time to do that.

Which means that I needed to find an RV storage location for my RV.

And I did, I found one about 45 minutes away. See, I live in Atlanta, a suburb that is pretty close into the city. And there are not RV or boat storage places nearby (great business opportunities, BTW). So I have to drive 45 minutes or so to actually get to my RV.

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I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

When the RV was at home, I could keep an eye on it pretty well. My home security system did a good job. But obviously, that wouldn’t work now.

That’s where an RV security system comes into play. What could I do to make sure that my RV was secure? And to remotely keep an eye on it.

Why the Ring Alarm System as an RV Security System

Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece security system kitI chose the Ring Alarm Pro as my RV security system.

What I wanted out of an RV security system:

  • Remote monitoring capability on my smartphone (Android based)
  • Expandable system with multiple options
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cell based connections (can’t rely on WiFi)
  • Easy to install and use

All told, the Ring Alarm Pro provided the best combination of all these factors.

SimpliSafe vs Ring

After doing my initial homework on the various alarm systems that I could possibly adapt to use as a RV security system, I narrowed down the systems to two – the SimpliSafe security system and the Ring Pro system.

Both systems integrate easily with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Which is great for remote monitoring and disarming/arming the system. They both have a variety of cameras, keypads, base stations, and other accessories.

However, SimpliSafe needs a separate WiFi system. The Ring Pro system comes with that built-in. If you already have a permanent RV WiFi system, then SimpliSafe may be an option for you. I didn’t, so that was a deal breaker for me.

Specifically, SimpliSafe requires a WiFi connection to use the cameras, control the system from anywhere, and download firmware updates.

Since I specifically wanted the cameras to work on the cell network, I had to go with Ring Alarm Pro.

Ring Pro as a WiFi System

The Ring Pro base station works as a WiFi network for all your Ring devices. But you can also add non-Ring devices into the system.

When my iPad randomly decided that it didn’t want to use the eSIM or physical SIM while I was on vacation, I was able to connect the iPad WiFi to the Ring Pro system to download books, music, etc. That meant that my iPad was not a brick.

You can also add devices like temperature and humidity monitors. So those WiFi based RV Pet Temperature Monitors can be used with the Ring Pro system.

I wouldn’t plan on it being a “work from the road” WiFi system. After all, it is still cell based and you will find better hotspot plans from your major carriers. But it is a nice backup for emergencies.

My Ring Alarm Pro Setup

Without giving away too many details (because you know, security and everything), I have been very happy with my Ring Alarm Pro setup.

First, I have two cameras – one for internal use and another that points outside. The internal camera uses very little data, since things don’t move around when it is in storage. But if someone should ever break in, hello, video evidence! This one is just the basic stick-up cam. At first, I was worried about the battery life. But with no activity on the inside, and my relatively frequent use of the RV when I can re-charge it, I have not had an issue with the battery life.

The outside camera sits inside, but looks out the front window. With the pan-tilt adapter, I can also monitor the area near the RV door! This one is a plug-in, which is really needed with the pan-tilt adapter plus the extra activity that it records.

Pro Tip: If your Ring camera faces a window and looks out, you’ll need to turn off “Infrared Lights for Night Vision” in the device settings on the app. Otherwise, the lights reflecting back will leave your night time videos and pictures looking all sorts of a mess.

I also have a variety of window and door sensors to alert the system each time one is opened. When the system is disarmed, they also provide a chime when the door is opened. Which is pretty convenient if I’m in the back bedroom. There is also a motion detector for the inside area that came with the basic system. If these go off while the system is armed, the cameras automatically start recording even if they don’t see motion (yet).

I also have added a Smart Air Quality Monitor that monitors temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, and VOCs to let you know the air conditions inside your RV. The carbon monoxide numbers are really important for when you are staying in the RV while the temperature and humidity are probably more important for when you aren’t in the RV and are monitoring remotely.

I have the full subscription, but since I am on the move a lot, I do not have the professional monitoring enabled.

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Potential Add-ons for the Ring Alarm Pro Setup

Ring Video Doorbell 4 with a Solar Charger: Add a camera at the door, but don’t worry about wiring it in with this solar charger.

Makes it a lot eaier for DIY RVers that don’t want to add more electrical wires near an area that may have limited access.

Flood and Freeze Sensor: Monitor what is going on in your wet bay to see if there is a water leak or freezing temperatures.

Also, great for around the bathrooms and kitchen plumbing.

Glass Break Sensors: One of the many concerns for RV owners is someone breaking large windows where people can climb in and then steal stuff. These glass break sensors are great for quick alerts that someone is trying to break in.

First Alert Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm: First Alert is one of the best names in fire detectors. Add this battery powered fire and carbon monoxide detector to your Ring Alarm Pro system.

RV Security Systems are Essential

Ring Alarm Pro - RV Security System Product Review with a picture of a Class A motorhomeThe Ring Alarm Pro has been an excellent addition to the RV now that I have to keep my RV in off-site storage between trips. I love being able to keep an eye on the RV, even without it being parked in my driveway any more.

It’s been so great, I’ve added a system to my home base too. That way I can keep an eye on the house while I am away in the RV. The Ring Alarm systems and apps work really well for multiple systems, which is great for having them armed/disarmed at different times.

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