Play RV Tailgate Life Quarantine Bingo

Are you bored at home right now, missing out on all the great spring RV tailgates?

Like college baseball, MLB, and NASCAR. And a few music festivals too.

Pass the time by playing RV Tailgate Life Quarantine Bingo.

Play RV Tailgate Life Quarantine Bingo

The RV Tailgate Quarantine Bingo Card

Here’s the quarantine bingo card that I made for you guys:

How to Play RV Tailgate Life Quarantine Bingo

The object is to get a B-I-N-G-O – which can be done in any number of ways. Get five in a row, up, down, or diagonal to win. You can also play four corners, getting each of the items in the corners.

Or full card where you have to do everything on the Quarantine Bingo Card!

Some of the squares were specifically picked to remind you to take care of your RV during this lockdown period.

It’s been over a month since I last had the RV out. I took my RV in for maintenance just before I was planning to leave for the Atlanta NASCAR race where the RV tailgating was scheduled to start on March 12.

So I need to get out there and check the water level in my RV house batteries and exercise the RV generator.

And with all this down time, since I’m not out RV tailgating, it is a good time to do some RV mods or upgrades, 30+ Tips for Spring Cleaning Your RV, or clean out the RV closet.

But don’t worry, not everything is dull and boring maintenance stuff.

We can try some new tailgating recipes, grill some food, and have a camp fire while sitting in some camping chairs.

You can also use this time to save some money. Finish your taxes and deduct the interest from your RV loan! Or shop for new RV insurance. Lots of insurers are providing refunds or future credits because fewer people are out driving and having accidents right now.

RV Tailgate Bingo!

Did you complete RV Tailgate Quarantine Bingo? Send us pictures of your completed card or pictures of you enjoying (in a socially distant way) your RV during quarantine or lock down.

I’ll post the best pictures here on the blog, share them on Facebook, and retweet them on Twitter. Just tag @RVTailgateLife on Twitter!

Don’t forget to pin the Quarantine Bingo card so your friends can play too!

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