Protect Your Tailgate TV with the MyTCase

Not all RVs have fancy outside TVs, perfect for watching football games during the tailgate.

Or maybe you just want to watch all the football games at one time! One on your RV TV and another game at the same time. But you’ll need another TV for that.

And today, I’ve got a product that is perfect for protecting your tailgate TV during transport.

Protect Tailgate TVs with MyTCase - Product Review

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The Problem: Getting the TV to the Tailgate

Have you ever tried to get a TV to the tailgate when it isn’t mounted inside the RV?

Or perhaps you want to tailgate but can’t take the RV? How do you get TVs to the tailgate in your truck or SUV?

TVs often end up banged around in your vehicle, whether it be the RV or your truck. Scratched or busted screens aren’t uncommon.

Or the cardboard gets wet and makes a mess. Or it gets moldy in the basement of your RV. In other words, the original packaging becomes useless.

So some tailgaters from Clemson came up with a solution, the MyTCase.

What is the MyTCase?

As MyTCase puts it: “a protective carrying case used for transporting and securing your LED TV. It transforms into a stable platform allowing you to comfortably watch your TV at your favorite outdoor event.”

It’s literally a “mighty case” for your TV. It is built from heavy duty plastic, capable of holding the weight of a full grown man without damaging the TV.

Your tailgate TV floats inside the MyTCase, sitting on a standard VESA mount. The MyTCase also has some protective foam around the edges so that your TV is not scratched on the edges.

The Original MyTCase weighs in at 17.6 pounds and holds TVs up to 43 inches.

Reviewing the MyTCase

MyTCase provided one of their original cases for me to try out and provide a review for you. I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t see quite the potential for it that I do now after trying it out.

It’s a good product, but I have an RV with an external TV. How much use would I really get out of it?

But after testing it, I have found that it is quite useful for even those of us that already have tons of TVs in the RV. Not to mention, really useful if your RV doesn’t already have an outside TV for watching games during the tailgate.

And I am seriously impressed by how well it performs in protecting the TV during transport.

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The MyTCase VESA Mount

The MyTCase comes with a standard VESA mount pre-installed in the box and the TV portion of the mount ready to install on your TV.

It’s an easy installation, with all the equipment you need in the package (well, you will need a screwdriver).

The VESA mounts in my house have always used screws to secure the TV to the bottom mount. But the MyTCase has a different solution to keep the mount pieces together.

One of the cool things on the mount is easy release latches. That means it is easy to take a TV from your house, install it in the MyTCase for the tailgate and then move it back to the house after the tailgate.

It’s also easy to release the TV from the MyTCase to install cables – coax, antennas, HDMI cables. Or to add streaming devices. Or speaker bars. Or whatever else you might need to add to the setup.

Setting Up For Watching Football Games with the MyTCase

Setting up your tailgate TV when using the MyTCase is pretty easy.

The MyTCase has two stabilizing feet that swing out from the bottom of the box.

Or you can leave the feet in and use the handle to hang it from your tailgate tent.

Then the carrying handle swings down to latch into the feet to provide additional stabilization. The handle is steel with foam cushions for carrying. It’s strong enough to hold and carry the case and any TV that will fit inside.

Then unlatch the front cover and re-latch it over the top of the TV to make a sun shield.

Protection from the sun is important to protect your TV. direct sunlight will warm up electronics and can do some serious damage. Moreover, the sun will give you some mighty glare on your TV and the front cover helps to cut down on that glare pretty well.

Breaking Down the Tailgate

Breaking down your tailgate is similarly easy.

Just put the cables in the bottom of the MyTCase and put the cover on the front of the case.

Swing the feet in and put the handle in the carry position.

And you are ready to go. No cardboard boxes to stuff your TV in.

The MyTCase Makes Transporting TVs Easy

The MyTCase ready for transport inside the RV. Fits nicely in the hallway when the slides are in and still room to get around the TV case.I am currently on a road trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Seriously, this is a bumpy, windy ride. I’ve had boxes fall off the couch. Things slid off the bed in a couple of instances. I even had the passenger side window night shades fall off.

Can you imagine if that was a TV that crashed to the ground during transport? That would be a busted screen, at a minimum.

Instead, the TV is perfectly intact, ready to watch football. Even after it banged around in the MyTCase on the trip. (yeah, I need to do a better job securing this on the trip just so things aren’t flying around behind me while I am driving).

Protection – Check.

The MyTCase and TV used inside the RV to stream a football gameAnd today, I am using the TV and the MyTCase because I’m streaming a game. Being on the Blue Ridge Parkway, local channels are limited using the antenna. I haven’t setup my satellite TV, so streaming is a must.

I might have four TVs installed in my RV, but they are difficult to get to the back — where you would plug in a HDMI cable from a laptop to the computer.

The latches on the VESA mount make it easy to take the TV out of the MyTCase and to add a new HDMI cable to connect the laptop. Much easier than trying to dissemble the mounts in the RV TV’s.

Easy setup – Check.

Options and Upgrades

So the MyTCase comes in a standard black plastic. You can easily customize the front with stickers or vinyl designs for your favorite team.

If you happen to be a Clemson fan, like the designers of MyTCase, or another team with orange as their primary color, then they have a special orange cover available.

If enough people want a different color, they can be produced. Just talk to MyTCase to find out specifics for quantity.

It’s also worth a mention that you can easily spray paint the outside to match your favorite team’s colors. Theron Pickens, the CEO of MyTCase, said that any standard spray paint that is suitable for plastic will work on the plastic shell.

Pickens also said that they are currently designing and about to begin production on a smaller version of the MyTCase for smaller TVs.

Add the MyTCase to Your Tailgate

Protect Tailgate TVs with MyTCase - Easy Tailgate SetupYou can add an (extra) outside TV to your tailgate setup with MyTCase, without worrying about the TVs getting banged up in transport or worrying about keeping the original packaging that will inevitably get wet and not provide any protection or benefits while you are tailgating.

The MyTCase is a great solution to transporting TVs for your tailgate.

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