Pinterest Hacks for RV Tailgating

There’s a lot of good ideas on Pinterest. There are also a lot of bad ideas on Pinterest.

Let’s take a look at some of the Pinterest hacks for RV tailgating that work and some that aren’t recommend so much for RVers always on the move like tailgaters.

A guide to Pinterest Hacks for RV Tailgating

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These tips are definitely focusing here on RV tailgaters – typically part time RVers that are on the move a lot.

RV tailgaters typically have a stick and brick house to go back to after a weekend of tailgating.

So the Pinterest Hacks for RVs below may work for other types of RVers but not RV tailgaters. I try to show you how or why these Pinterest hacks don’t work as well for the RV tailgater as they do for other RVers.

DO: Take Advantage of All Vertical Spaces

RVs have limited storage space, whether it is basement compartments or house cabinets. As such, we are always on the look-out for better ways to store things.

One way to add storage is to take advantage of wall and door spaces.

Over-the-door organizers are a key part of taking advantage of the vertical space in an RV. This could mean the bathroom or shower doors, the closet doors, even cabinet doors.

Also look for hanging anything, particularly in the RV closet.

For more organizing ideas in the kitchen, see How to Keep the RV Kitchen Organized

DON’T: Use Magnetic Knife and Spice Racks

This looks pretty and on first blush looks like a good idea for storing your knives. It is part of the “take advantage of vertical space” do we talked about above. But…

This may work great for an RVer that stays in the same place for long periods of time, but the average RV tailgater should think twice about this one. Just think, you are going down the road and hit a bump and knives go everywhere!

They don’t seem very secure to me. Same with the spice racks – what’s to keep the little jars from going everywhere in the RV?

Also, the RV tailgater is typically on the move every weekend. Who wants to spend valuable tailgating time setting up the knife rack every weekend and then taking it down? While it would keep the knives and spice containers safe, it would just create more things to do on your departure checklist. I’m all for minimizing that checklist!

Better Knife Storage

There are two different, safer alternatives for knife storage than a magnetic knife rack – (1) a knife safe and my personal favorite (2) knife blade covers or guards.

Use a knife safe instead of the common Pinterest hack for RVs of a magnetic knife rackThe knife safe also allows you to mount your knives on the wall for easy access. But since there is something in front of the knives, they are less likely to go flying at the first bump in the road.

I think the even better and safer solution are knife blade guards on all your RV knives. Then you can put them in a drawer and leave valuable wall space for other storage or display items.

If you have nice knives you want to keep, you can get blade guards from companies like Mundial. These fit a variety of knife sizes.

Or you can do like I did a get a new set of knives that have guards on them. I bought this set from Cuisinart. The bright colors provide an extra little something too.

I like these Cuisinart knives so much, I even got a set for the sticks and brick house and ditched the countertop knife block.

Better Spice Storage

Honestly, I’ve seen the camping hacks of using medicine dispensers and Tic Tac containers to store your spices.

But this too seems like a hassle.

Personally, I just use the standard grocery store issue containers and put them in a plastic container. Or put them on the back of your kitchen cabinets with spice clip strips.

As part-time RVers, do you really use enough spices to justify having separate sets of spices for your home and your RV? And why bother using your valuable time to go put them in smaller containers?

DON’T: Wine Rack Towel Storage

Seriously, who has this much wall space? I know that cabinet space is limited, but my bathroom area wall space is even more limited than the cabinet space.

Plus, it seems like the towels never get rolled up neatly to put them in the wine rack storage. You can only put clean, dry towels in this anyways – who wants musty, moldy smelling towels?

Better Towel Storage

I hang my towels on the over-the-door bathroom organizer.

This makes sure that they have the chance to properly dry and keeps them within easy access of the shower.

Of course, I’ve got some extra towels, under the bathroom sink. And more towels, particularly beach towels, in one of the bedroom cabinets.

But you can roll them, fold them, and just generally stuff towels in the extra spaces you have (no need to worry about wrinkles after all!)

Why take up valuable wall space?

If you don’t have room for an over the door organizer (or your door is being used for other storage), look into some wall hooks.

Command Hooks has great bathroom products that are easy to attach to the wall and still allow your towels to hang dry.

DO: Use Glow in the Dark Paint and Tape and Glow Sticks

Glow in the dark paint or tape can be great for RVs. Campers and tailgaters alike often spend time in lots with limited lights. You come back after a game and can’t see where you are going.

Glow in the dark tape and paint can help you avoid hazards, like awning supports and steps.

Glow sticks can provide the same benefits when applied to coolers. No need to get more flashlights out if you can find your beer in the cooler!

DO: Lube the Waste Tank Rod

RV tailgating means you have access to a bathroom during your festivities. But it also means that you have to deal with the waste products. It’s a fact of RV life, and somehow in any group of RV owners, this topic always comes up.

Whether you use chemicals, the Geo-method, or Black Tank Cleaning Bombs to clean your waste tanks, one thing that I can definitely recommend is that you should lube the waste tank valve.

Nothing like having a full tank that you can’t empty. And then having to risk putting extra force, possibly breaking the valve, and creating a huge mess that you don’t want to deal with. So use silicone lubricant and keep the waste easily moving out of the RV.

While on the topic of waste products, you DO need to keep extra lengths of sewer hose and sewer supports.

While typically you are boondocking or dry camping (ie parking without hookups), on trips you are likely to have chances to dump your tanks. But the rest areas and other dump stations are all setup differently. You may have to park some distance from the connection spot. And it could be uphill instead of downhill.

See More: Dry Camping Basics

DON’T: Install a Washer and Dryer

Dude, you are only using the RV for the weekend! You really don’t need a washer and dryer for this. You should be able to bring plenty of clothes and even extra clothes with you on this trip.

If you really just absolutely must do some laundry, I’m guessing it’ll be like once or twice in all the time you have your RV for tailgating (longer vacations notwithstanding). But you are on or near a college campus! There are sure to be laundromats nearby if you can’t hand wash and hang to dry.

Those washers and dryers are heavy and will reduce your gas mileage. And they use a lot of water that is better used for other purposes. Like, oh, staying cool in hot weather or making ice for your adult beverages. Who wants to spend their tailgating weekend doing laundry anyways? Just say no!

DO: Make It Easier to Return Your Dog

I’ve seen this Pinterest Hack for RVers and campers show up several times recently. Basically, put a temporary tag on your dog that has your campsite location on it.

Obviously, most RV tailgaters don’t have a campsite, but to make this Pinterest hack work for you, try putting your parking lot on the temporary tag.

This season, one of our fellow tailgater’s dogs got loose. He was found by some students that picked him up. Over a mile away!

Fortunately, they were wonderful enough to drive around looking for people that could be his owner and found us! Unfortunately, our friend made it harder on them by forgetting to put even their normal dog tags back on him after his bath – you know, the dog tag with the owner’s cellphone number?

Make sure you have your cellphone number on there since you won’t be at home to answer the phone if the dog is loose.

See Also: More Tips for RV Tailgating with Dogs

DO: Follow RV Tailgate Life on Pinterest!

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What Pinterest Hacks for RV tailgating would you recommend?

Guide to Pinterest Hacks for RV tailgatingA guide to Pinterest Hacks for the RV Tailgater - not all Pinterest hacks are created equal
Or perhaps you recommend against certain common Pinterest hacks for RVers. Comment below with your suggestions!

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