Up Your Pinterest Game with Manual Pinning Strategy

Have your blog stats taken a dump the past few months? Don’t know why you aren’t getting the same kind of traffic from Pinterest that you were just weeks ago?

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Maybe it’s time you tried a new manual pinning system. Introducing Manual Pinning Simplified!

The Manual Pinning Challenge

Kyla Sims of Dish It Out Social and the Secret Pinners Club came up with an awesome new Pinterest pinning strategy. She held a Facebook challenge for 30 days to test out the new strategy. Just over 100 pinners joined in the challenge and many, including me, saw some drastic improvements.

Just take a look at my reach for RV Tailgate Life on Pinterest:

Pinterest reach going up using the new manual pinning strategy from Manual Pinning Simplified

Kyla’s Manual Pinning Simplified helped me re-boot my Pinterest game. I saw immediate traction within 2 days of starting the new strategy. And it has held strong.

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A Manual Pinning Strategy that takes Little Time

The best thing about this strategy is that it isn’t complicated. You don’t need to buy a monthly scheduler, although I still recommend Tailwind for Tribes alone. You don’t need a complicated spreadsheet. You can do all the manual pinning straight from your smartphone.

While waiting in line. At the fast food joint.

While watching TV. Actually, just during the commercials.

While on the subway – I would say commute, but if you are driving, then pinning is a no-no!

Kyla has designed and tested a new strategy that works. She explains the new manual pinning strategy in her new eBook Manual Pinning Simplified, the stupid simple manual pinning system for busy bloggers.

Works for All Size Blogs

Now, I don’t have a crazy big blog or Pinterest profile, not like many others out there. In the challenge, you had blogs of all sizes – large, medium, small and even brand new with no virtually no existing Pinterest reach.

Kyla’s manual pinning strategy worked! People were reporting in all the time that their numbers were going up. If you are a small to medium size blog like this one, it’ll still work.

If you are brand new and looking for a low investment strategy, then this is perfect for you. Try out Pinterest and get some traffic and sales so you can continue to invest in your blog.

Try Out a New Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is constantly changing the game on us. If you are trying to maximize your reach and traffic to your site, you need to constantly try out and refine your own Pinterest strategy. What works for one person may not work for someone else. But here is a great opportunity to try a new strategy with low investment.

Try Manual Pinning Simplified to see if this strategy will work for you.