This Was Not The Madness We Expected This March

The middle of March.

The college basketball conference tournaments should be over. The brackets picked.

We should be at the office with multiple monitors going pretending to work while we watch games all day.

We should not be quarantined to our homes with no sports on television, likely for two months straight.

This is not the madness we expected this month.

This is not the madness we expected this March with a picture of washing hands

Everything is Cancelled

Last Tuesday, I went grocery shopping. Everything was packed in the RV, ready for a Thursday morning departure to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Folds of Honor 500. Life was going on as normal, but with more hand washing.

By Wednesday night, the NBA was cancelling their season. NCAA conference basketball championships and the Tournament was going to be without fans.

By Thursday morning, it was clear that life was not going to be the same, especially for sports fans.

The NHL was cancelling its season by midday.

There were rumors that NASCAR was going to follow suit. With an announced 1 pm press conference, I decided to wait on my departure. I didn’t want to get down to the Speedway just to have to come back home. So I waited, and I waited.

And in typical NASCAR fashion, the news was late. But it was what I expected – no fans at the race.

And on Friday, MLB announced that the baseball season would be late and the NCAA and NASCAR were both announcing that despite their earlier announcements that the games would go, the games would, in fact, not go on.

And we don’t know when they will be back.

What’s Life Without Sports?

I don’t know about you, but my life is heavily scheduled around the sports schedule. Baseball, Football, NASCAR, Basketball, Hockey. And recently, Soccer. All the random college sports that will catch my attention for a minute here or there.

The last time that sports weren’t a major factor in my life was… never. Seriously, my parents tell stories of me as a baby and getting up early on the weekend while they wanted to sleep in. So they would put me in my car seat and sit me in front of the television to watch football. I loved it.

Like many of you, I’m trying to figure out what life looks like right now. I’m not going to or watching sports. I’m not traveling. I can’t even go out and enjoy a nice drink at a bar. Or go to a good concert.

Stupid virus.

The good news is that my laundry is all caught up. And the house is pretty clean right now.

What Are Some Good Binge Worthy Shows?

Since my life has for so long revolved so much around sports, I haven’t really watched much in the way of television the past few years.

So, I’m asking you… what are the best binge worthy shows? What should I watch to keep entertained over the next 8 weeks?

What To Expect from RV Tailgate Life Right Now

My RV is parked in my drive way. This down time gives me an opportunity to get some things fixed on the RV.

To do some RV mods to make it better for when I get out there again for some tailgating.

And a chance to provide some excellent content for you, my readers.

I’ve also got lots of food here with recipes that I’ve already tested. I was all set to debut them at the Atlanta NASCAR race. But since that didn’t happen, I’ll be making them at home. I’ll still provide you with the recipes, which will be great for you to cook while you are stuck at home too.

I just won’t have my normal tailgate taste testers. Or pictures from the tailgate to go with the recipes.

But hey, a good recipe is still a good recipe, right?

I’m also working on something really cool and exciting. It was in the works before ***waves hands at all this*** but it is being put on hold for the moment. But as we get closer to the end of this lockdown period, I’ll have some exciting news to share with all of you. Sorry for the vagueness, but know that it is coming!

Stay Safe & Healthy & Sane

This is not the Madness we expected this March - with a picture of washing handsI know it is rough guys. It’s going to be a really long two to three months, at least, before we get back to our new normal, whatever that ends up being.

But the priority here is that all of us make it till then.

So wash your hands, practice social distancing, and reconnect with family and friends (virtually, if they aren’t in your household). Get that honey do list done around the house and the RV.

And before you know it, you’ll have an awesome story to tell years from now. Where were you when the coronavirus hit? How’d you survive the lockdown?

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