New Year, New Plans: 2017 RV Resolutions

We have finally left 2016 in the dust and 2017 brings the promise of a new year. With a new year, we have resolutions. And here at the RV Tailgate Life, we have RV Resolutions.

In 2017, the number one and only RV resolution is more tailgating! Here’s how we will do it in 2017:

First up, RV Maintenance

We’ve got to start with the boring stuff for our first RV resolution. Now that we are back from Jacksonville and done with the 2016 football season, it is time to do some RV maintenance. This includes the annual things like oil changes (engine and generator), checking other engine fluids, and general safety inspection. It also means that we have some time to fix things that are broken on Starter RV. The fan in the bathroom exhaust fan disintegrated and needs to be replaced (cheap plastic parts with the sun beating down on it for 25 years will do that). I also need to get the speedometer fixed – it just completely stopped working on this last roadtrip.

RV Tailgate Life

Here on the website, I’ll be adding more about our trip to Dublin, Ireland and London, England. We went for more than just the football game and haven’t shared nearly enough of that trip. I’ll also have some highlights from other non-sports related trips, including Charleston, South Carolina, Kauai, Hawaii, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We will also be highlighting more of our tailgating tips and recipes. Maybe even experiment for some new recipes to share with you all! Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Spring Means Baseball Tailgating

Spring RV Resolution includes more college baseball and more tailgatesThis spring, we will be doing more baseball tailgating. As Georgia Tech fans, we expect to see some good quality ACC baseball in town. We’ve done RV tailgate weekends before and have had a lot of fun. Hopefully the GT team will get back to being awesome so that we will have lots of people join us.

I’m also in the process of making some tentative plans to visit Louisville for the ACC Championship Tournament. The ACC moved it here after leaving North Carolina after the political brew-haha over HB2. Being in late May, I’ve heard the horses will already be running. And of course, Louisville is conveniently located on the Bourbon Trail.

And the dream for all college baseball fans is to end up at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

Spring Football Game Tailgating

Weather and scheduling permitting, our RV tailgating crew (aka The Trailer Park) typically throw a tailgate party for the spring football game. More than anything, it is a chance for all of us to get together for some fun after spending several months apart. The tailgating family is spread out across Georgia and even the southeast, so the spring game is a good excuse to gather back at Tech.

No College Sports in Summer

Without college sports, the summer is kind of an odd time for us. I’d love to take the RV out for a couple of weekend trips to the lake and a long week at the beach. (The beach won’t happen if we end up in Omaha for the College World Series.) It’s also a great time for us to do maintenance and any RV mods to make the football season better.

RV Resolution: start the search for a new RV
Will 2017 be the year that I get a new RV? The search begins now!

Start the Hunt for a New RV

However, don’t expect too many RV mods from me in 2017. One of the big RV resolutions is to begin the search for a new RV. Now that I know I can do the RV thing (driving, sewer, maintenance) I’m ready to find my dream RV. I’m hoping Starter RV makes it another football season, but if 1) I find a great deal on its replacement, I’ll jump and 2) if there are any major maintenance issues, I won’t be spending a lot of money getting them fixed. Instead, I’ll go ahead and pull the trigger on buying a new RV. The new RV is really a 2018 RV Resolution, but it could come early.

Between now and football season, I’ll probably be making quite a few trips to RV shows and dealers, trying to figure out what is the perfect RV for me. And spending lots of hours searching listings online. Feel free to send me advice on searching and buying a new RV! I lucked into the first one when a friend was upgrading so I didn’t really go through the whole process that everyone else does.

Fall Football

The Ramblin Wreck from Georgia TechThe 2017 football season has a lot of promise for us already. Georgia Tech will kick-off the season against Tennessee in the new Georgia Dome. We are also slated to play Central Florida, in Orlando. I expect both games to be well attended by our RV crowd.

I’ll be at all the home GT games. Clemson is also a favorite RV roadtrip for us and I’ll probably be there as well. Not sure if the schedule will allow it, but it would be awesome to see some other games. It looks to be a very busy fall.

Finally, it sure would be nice to begin 2018 back where the 2017-18 football season begins – back in Atlanta for the National Championship game. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Football and baseball national championships in one year… probably too much to dream about.

What are your 2017 RV Resolutions?

Happy New Year RV Tailgaters! Hoping for some more great times ahead!

What are your 2017 RV Resolutions? Comment below with your RV resolutions! What trips will you be taking this year? Any big RV plans ahead?

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