Lynchburg, Tennessee: Small Town Charm

If you are looking for some small town charm in Tennessee, then head to Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Now, you probably know Lynchburg because of Jack Daniels Whiskey. And while that is the focus and prime industry of the small town, there is a lot of charm here. It’s great for a short weekend trip to whiskey country.

Lynchburg Tennesee is a great weekend trip. And RV friendly!

Lynchburg, Tennessee is home to 361 people while Moore County has about 6,000 people total. So when I say small, I’m talking small here. In fact, I couldn’t even pick up any over-the-air TV channels on my RV antenna. There were no Ubers or Lyfts available, we checked. Cell phone reception was great though.

Town Square

Other than Jack Daniels, the feature in this small Southern town is the town square.

Lynchburg Tennessee Town Square

Traveler beware – the stores on the town square close about 4:30 or 5:00 PM every afternoon. The two BBQ restaurants are open a little later, but close around 7:30 or 8:00. Don’t expect to be able to come in late and shop. And remember, it is a dry county, so no bars to spend your nights mixing with the locals.

The Lynchburg Tennessee Harley Davidson on the Historic Town Square

On the town square, you will find a variety of shops, including candy, souvenir, candles, and even a quilting shop. It’s also the smallest Harley Davidson dealer anywhere.

The town square is also home to the Jack Daniels gift shop. Bring in your tour ticket for a free shot glass with a minimum purchase. This is also where you can buy Jack Daniels barrels, t-shirts, bar ware, and whatever else they have dreamed up. I highly recommend the Jack Daniels whiskey caramels.

The Lynchburg Town Square and surrounding shops look to be a similar experience to the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Lynchburg/Moore County Jail Museum

Just off the square, you’ll find the Lynchburg/Moore County Old Jail Museum. It’s a quick look at the history of law and order in Moore County, including the old jail cells.

Visit the Old Jail Museum in Lynchburg, Tennessee

The men were housed upstairs in what is essentially a metal box. The women were housed downstairs in only slightly better conditions.

They ask for only a small $1 donation to help maintain the museum if you visit.

Great to stop in while exploring the town square and in between stops at the shops.

Good Southern Breakfast

Breakfast at Lynchburg Fixins on the town square

As one might expect, there is a great little restaurant right there on the town square that serves some awesome Southern food. Jill (my travel companion) and I braved the rain and stopped in at Lynchburg Fixins on Saturday morning for breakfast. And boy was it worth it!

We loved it so much, we went back on Sunday morning. Now, because we waited until the rain stopped and packed up the RV to be ready to travel, we missed breakfast. Oh darn, we had to settle for lunch!

Can’t Recommend the BBQ

For lunch on Saturday, we stopped in at Barrelhouse BBQ. It’s just off the square, near where we parked. I know that some people rave about Barrelhouse BBQ, but I just wasn’t impressed. It was run of the mill BBQ, in my opinion. The service was fine and it is an interesting place to people watch. But when I want BBQ, I want good BBQ. This didn’t live up to the hype.

Lynchburg, Tennessee is RV Friendly

Just behind the town square is Wiseman Park. It has the town baseball and softball fields along with some playgrounds. But for RVers, the big feature is the water and power hookups! When I visited in April, there were only 2 RVs, including me!

RV Parking at Wiseman Park in Lynchburg Tennessee

The park has power receptacles for 50 amp, 30 amp, and 110V. So whatever power you need for your RV, you’ll have access.

See Also: Plugging Into Home Electric

Parking, water, and power is $20 a night, payable at the Trustees or via mail if you arrive on the weekend/after hours. There are no reservations for these spots, so it is first come, first serve. I’d be prepared for boondocking if there aren’t enough spaces (say at one of the special events). Also, bring extension cords, hoses, and water splitters because the hook-ups may be limited and you may need to park a distance from the poles.

There were 5 “prime” spots where you could park in the parking lot. There are probably 20 other spots in what is a field. With the rain on our weekend visit, the parking lot and the field were muddy messes. Because the park is at creek level and lower than the square, it doesn’t drain all that well. Be prepared with rain boots and jack pads. You don’t want to get stuck in the mud!

Don’t forget that Moore County is a dry county, with the exception of the Jack Daniel’s bottle shop. You won’t be picking up any adult beverages if it is not Jack while you stay in Lynchburg.

Walk to Jack Daniels

Sample some of Jack Daniel's best whiskeys on the Angel's Share Tour

A visit to Lynchburg must include a tour of Jack Daniels Distillery. If you are over 21, make sure to take a tour that ends with a whiskey sampling! You won’t be disappointed.

If you are staying in Wiseman Park with your RV, you can walk from your RV to the Distillery. It’s right up Main Street. Don’t miss the pedestrian bridge on the right for a short-cut over the creek (and to Jack’s hosue we go)!

No tow car required!

A Great Weekend or Overnight Stop

If you are traveling through Tennessee, it is worth the hour plus trip off the interstate to visit Lynchburg. Enjoy the small town charm, even if they do turn off the air and roll up the sidewalks before dusk. It’s great to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big cities and enjoy some small town Southern charm.

What other small towns do you recommend? Are they RV friendly?

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