Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines

Are you interested in guest posting on the RV Tailgate Life?

I am now accepting guest posts. But only really great, awesome guest posts.

Here are some guidelines if you are interested:

  1. The post must fit within the topics already on the site. If you aren’t sure, ask.
  2. The post will need to be over 1,250 words long. Good meaty and quality posts are required for guest posts.
  3. In most circumstances, I’ll want 2-3 quality images that can be used as feature images, both on the site and in social media posts. These should not be stock images and you should own the copyright, which can be assigned to me. If this is not possible, then I may be able to provide images from my own collection. In no case will a post go forward without images.
  4. The post, including any associated images, will be owned by RV Tailgate Life. It should be unique to this site and not posted elsewhere.
  5. Linking: Affiliate links are not permitted to benefit the guest poster. I will add internal links to other RV Tailgate Life posts. You can link to your own content or other sites if it is relevant to the discussion. All links are at my sole discretion and may be added, removed or changed.
  6. I have the right to publish on my own timeline and even to reject a post for any reason, but in particular if it does not fit or is something that I am already working on.

If you are interested in guest posting, the contact me with your ideas. I’ll get back to you if it is a topic that sounds interesting and will be useful to my readers. Make sure to include a link to your blog or other guest posts that you have authored.