GenTuri RV Generator Exhaust System

Most RV tailgating lots, and many campgrounds too, really park the RVs in close together.

This can create a big, and potentially deadly, problem for you and your family! You can reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with a Genturi RV Generator Exhaust System.

Find out how you can protect your family and friends from this potentially deadly problem.

Learn how to protect your family from RV generator exhaust with an Genturi RV generator exhaust system

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As a new RV owner, one of the first things that you should buy before football and tailgating season is the Genturi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System

Why You Need A Generator Exhaust System

Genturi Generator Exhaust on back of RVRV generators produce carbon monoxide and other dangerous gasses. Without proper ventilation, the gasses build-up between RVs and eventually get inside your RV.

When the carbon monoxide builds up inside your RV bedroom, you and your family could get carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal!

In fact, one man died and his wife nearly died as well from carbon monoxide poisoning in their RV at Talladega in 2013.

In February 2018, a cowboy died after he left his generator running in the horse trailer on a cold night in Colorado.

In September 2018, a couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their RV while RV camping in Montana.

Even paramedics aren’t immune from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, as four paramedics were hospitalized at Bonnaroo in 2018 after their RV generator exhaust became blocked.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is obviously very dangerous to your health!

Carbon monoxide is also silent and odorless, making it easy to buildup in your RV without much notice.

Some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are:

  • Tightness across the chest
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Sudden Chest Pain
  • Confusion
  • Collapse

If you suspect that you may have been exposed to carbon monoxide, you need to exit the RV and the surrounding area immediately! You need fresh air!

Call 911 for medical attention, including 100% oxygen if needed.

Rescuers can also be exposed to fatal levels of carbon monoxide during a rescue attempt and should be monitored for possible effects. In 2011, five people died from RV generator produced carbon monoxide; the gases were so bad that the rescuers all had to be taken to the hospital after experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms.

Don’t forget that your RV generator is going to run off gasoline. Find out how to save money on gas with these tips: How to Save Gas while RVing

Use A Genturi to Redirect RV Generator Exhaust

Remember, the only rule of RV Tailgate Life: Don’t F it up!

The best way to reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from RV generator exhaust is to properly vent the exhaust.

But when you are parked in tight quarters in an RV parking lot, this is difficult since there is not enough room for the wind to whisk it away. The solution is to redirect the exhaust up and over the RVs, where the wind can take it away.

The best way to redirect the RV generator exhaust is with a Genturi RV Generator Exhaust System.

As an added benefit, the Genturi not only redirects the generator exhaust, it will also noticeably reduce the noise from your generator.

Do yourself and your neighbors all a favor by installing the Gen-Turi on your tailgate RV.

Setup and Breakdown the Genturi

Installation is relatively simple and does not require any special tools. The Genturi comes with most of the adapters needed to connect to your generator exhaust pipe. A few bolts to secure the adapter and you are almost done.

Place first the bottom section (the one with the metal elbow) on the exhaust pipe and secure with the included D-clip pin.

Then add the middle and top sections.

Finish installation by adding the bungee with the S-hooks to the lower section, then placing the eye straps in the proper location to keep the Gen-Turi in an upright position.

Breaking down the Genturi after the tailgate is over is quite simple – remove the top and middle sections, then undo the D-clip pin and remove the bottom section. Place everything in the included carry bag.

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Don’t Add Holes to Your RV

How to stay safe from RV generator exhaust with a Genturi Generator Exhaust SystemThe Genturi comes with two eye hooks to keep the exhaust tube vertical and from leaning too far. You can attach these with either screws or with strong adhesive tape.

On the Starter RV, I used the adhesive to securely attach the eye hooks.

However, both the screws and the adhesive can damage the exterior of your RV, particularly if you decide to remove them later!

The alternative is to use suction cups mounts. These suction cups mounts are specifically made by Camco for use with their generator exhaust system.

You can also use a Dent Puller or Glass Lifter. This is what I do since I had one on hand in my garage. I just wrap the bungee around the handle and the Genturi stays put.

Beware: RV Generator Exhaust is HOT!

On those hot summer tailgates, you’ll be running your generator all the time just to keep the air temperature at a decent sleeping temperature.

You’ll want to run the air conditioner, and thus the generator, from the time you get in the RV until you get to your RV tailgate parking spot. And you can’t exactly drive with the Genturi hanging off your generator exhaust pipe (nor do you need it because you get plenty of ventilation going down the highway).

When you get to the tailgate, you’ll need to setup the Genturi on your generator exhaust. And the pipes will be hot!

The exhaust pipes will also be hot when you get up on a Sunday, when it is time to break down your RV tailgate setup.

Get yourself a pair of these high temperature gloves to protect your hands, both from the heat and oil residue.

You’ll thank me later.

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Why You Also Need Carbon Monoxide Alarms

When RVs are parked back to back like this, generator exhaust would go directly into the bedrooms without a Genturi exhaust pipe! Dangerous situation!
When RVs are parked back to back like this, generator exhaust would go directly into the bedrooms without a Genturi exhaust pipe! Dangerous situation!

Going into the first tailgate, I had no idea what the Genturi was.

Sure, I’d been around the RV tailgate for awhile, but there are some things you just don’t find out until you are there doing it yourself. A fellow tailgater told me to get the Genturi ASAP. I listened and by the next home game, had it up and working.

Fast forward to my second RV tailgating season when my tailgating neighbor got a new fifth wheel RV.

His generator was near the front. Due to our parking arrangements, his exhaust blew directly into my RV and into the bedroom.

Fortunately, I had a carbon monoxide detector (get the 10 year worry free battery version) in the bedroom for just this situation. The alarm let me know that there was a high level of carbon monoxide inside the RV.

We were able to temporarily move the RVs around to provide plenty of fresh air.

By the next game, my neighbor had his own Gen-Turi and we all slept better knowing that it was less likely to be a problem going forward.

Also, remember that it is not just the RV generator that produces carbon monoxide. Your propane furnace also produces carbon monoxide. So don’t think that it is just a hot weather/air conditioner situation.

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Ring and Amazon Have a New Air Quality Monitor

September 2022 update: I recently installed the Ring Alarm Pro as an RV security system in my RV.

One of the awesome things about the Ring system is all the different sensors and things you can add-on. Like the Smart Air Quality Monitor.

This lets you monitor, right from your smartphone, the temperature, humidity, VOCs, and yes, carbon monoxide.

Also great for use as a RV Pet Temperature Monitors.

Do you have stories of RV generator exhaust mishaps?

How do you protect yourself and your neighbors from the potentially deadly gasses? Comment below.

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When RVs are parked close together at a tailgate lot, you need to use a Genturi RV Generator Exhaust System to protect you, your family, and your pets from carbon monoxide poisoningWhy you need a RV generator exhaust system when you are RV tailgating and campingRV Generator Exhaust can be deadly! Learn how to protect yourself and your family with a proper RV generator exhaust system

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