My Favorite RV Things For Right Now

RV life is constantly evolving. And as new products come out and my RV needs change, my favorite RV things keep changing with the times.

So here are my top 5 favorite RV things right now. Maybe you’ll have some ideas for your own RV. Just in time for holiday shopping!

Favorite RV Things by RV Tailgate Life with a picture of a motorhome

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TST 770 Color Monitor

I’ve long been a fan of the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System and now TST has come out with a bigger, better touch-screen monitor, the TST 770 Color Monitor.

Our friends at TechnoRV recently sent me the TST 770 Color Monitor to test out. And let me tell you, I LOVE it! It’s a much bigger screen, which makes it easier to see while you are driving and in all sorts of lighting conditions.

It’s also easy to pair up with your existing TST tire sensors, so you don’t have to buy all new sensors. You can upgrade just the monitor!

The TST 770 Color Monitor on the motorhome dash

Heavy Duty GearTies

It only takes one sharp turn to empty out your RV cabinets or fridge and suddenly you are looking for ways to keep them closed while you are on the move. That’s where these heavy duty Gear Tires come in.

Think heavy duty, reusable twist ties. Strong enough to keep your fridge or kitchen cabinets closed. I like the added security that I won’t arrive to find the liquor cabinet wide open and bottles crashed all over the place. Because that would be total alcohol abuse!

Black Gear Ties on the RV FridgeBlue Gear Tie on the RV Kitchen Cabinet

Cigarette Adapter Extender

Cigarette adapter in the RV to run all the driver's electronics.As we keep adding more and more gadgets to the driver’s cab, we keep running out of outlets to plug it all in.

Think about it, at a minimum, we have:

With more probably coming soon.

To keep everything charged and running, I love this cigarette adapter that has 3 cigarette adapter sockets plus two USB ports. You can run a total of 100 watts of electronics from this getup. And each socket has it’s own power button, so you can leave them plugged in even if you don’t want things running.

RV Hose Bags

RV Hose bags with RV sewer hoses insideI first saw the RV hose bags on sale during Prime Day and decided sure, I’ll try them out. I wasn’t really expecting much. In fact, even after I got them, I wasn’t expecting that they’d be able to hold as much as they do.

But once I opened up the bags, I fell in love with the RV hose bags. The black sewer hose bag can hold four 10 foot hose segments, connectors, and adapters easily. The top is mesh, letting things dry out nicely and with a drawstring to keep it all in. But the bottom is solid, so anything that leaks won’t leak into the RV. Because eeewww.

These are lightweight (so yay on the gas mileage) and easy to manage in the RV basement bays. Much better than the old rigid plastic container I had. And I also have two other bags – one for electrical and one for fresh water hoses. It makes it easy to keep everything organized, but flexible enough that you aren’t manhandling stuff into the bags.

Solo Stove

Solo stove at the RV tailgateI love a great fire at a tailgate. But I hate the smoke that goes with a campfire.

For a long time, my solution has been a propane fire pit. Which I still love. But I’m also in love with the Solo Stove.

They burn real wood, but because of the cool way it is built, they shouldn’t produce a whole lot of smoke to chase you around the tailgate. That means that your clothes, your hair, and also your RV isn’t smelling like smoke.

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