Father’s Day Gifts for the RV Tailgate Dad

Attention children everywhere – you have 10 days to get your dad something before Father’s Day.

No problem for the kids of a RV tailgater because there’s always something out there for your dad.

Here are a few favorites, some we might even get our own dad (shhh! don’t spoil the surprise!)

What to get the RV tailgate dad for Fathers Day - a gift guide

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Let’s put that Amazon Prime subscription to work!

Man the Grill!

Give dad the present of food and fire!

I personally have a Coleman Roadtrip LXX Grill for use in my RV.

It fits great in one of the basement storage bins and is easy to move around with the built-in wheels, unlike the Coleman Roadtrip LX.

I prefer the LXX over the Coleman Roadtrip LXE for two reasons:

  1. the built-in thermometer on the cover, and
  2. more height with the cover closed which means you can get whole chickens and taller items on the grill.

There was originally a third reason – the LXX is not red – but Coleman now offers the LXE in multiple different colors (as a Georgia Tech fan, it is sacrilegious to have something red, the primary color of our in-state rivals).

Coleman also offers a variety of grilling accessories: make sure the grill has a griddle for cooking eggs and even hamburgers and the stove grate for cooking in large pots – heat up that chili or cook your low-country boil. The grill light is useful in low-light conditions for post-game and nighttime grilling.

You can also get your dad a set of his favorite team’s bbq tools (here’s a set with a strap on the carrying case). Heat resitant gloves are good for handling the griddle, large pots, and other hot off the grill items at the tailgate.

If he’s more the charcoal grilling kind of guy, try a chimney starter to help speed up the grilling process. Sometimes we are crunched for time with the noon or early afternoon games and don’t have time to take it slow.

Don’t Forget the Steak!

You have the grill, but now you need the steak!

Snake River Farms has some of the best steaks and they will ship directly to your dad in time for Father’s Day.

I mean, look at these Snake River Farms Wagyu Steaks!

And Snake River Farms has the best quality steaks; your dad is sure to approve!

Never Get the RV Lost Again

Admit it, your dad is one of those guys that will never stop to ask for directions.

Help him stay on route with the Garmin RV 785 GPS.

This is an impressive unit, that includes some pretty advance features for the RVer.

It has custom routing to take into account the size and weight of your RV, so you can avoid low bridges and bridges that can’t hold the weight.

It’ll even warn the driver of upcoming hills and sharp curves.

The points-of-interest are even customized with the RVer in mind, to include campgrounds, RV dealers, parking areas, and more.

You can update the maps with WiFi and use the voice-activated controls for hands-free calling to comply with various distracted driver laws.

And the Garmin RV 785 GPS unit has a built-in dash cam!

Buy Garmin 785 RV GPS on Amazon or TechnoRV

Dad Can Deliver Tailgate Drinks With This Cooler

Don’t let the driving be over when he gets to the tailgate.

With this remote-controlled cooler, he can deliver drinks to his friends without ever leaving his comfy tailgate chair.

Remember, boys don’t grow up, they just get better toys!

Entertain Your RVing Dad

Author's father at a Tech tailgate
Dad has been known to come to our tailgate and even represent Tech.
I would probably recommend against buying your dad a new TV for the RV unless you know specifically the size and requirements that he needs.

There are too many options so pick exactly what he needs or wants.

But there are still plenty of ways to up his entertainment game for the next tailgate.

The Roku streaming stick will fit most modern TVs and offer a variety of streaming options.

If satellite is more his style, then DISH is popular among tailgaters. They offer this tailgater bundle package which includes the satellite, the receiver and a remote.

Your dad will be able to blast the tunes with these Bose speakers. Its compact size is great for the RV and is easy to move outside where the party is. With Bluetooth connectivity, he won’t have to worry about storing or losing cables.

An iPad is also pretty useful for the RV tailgater. You can entertain the little ones with their cartoons and shows or read a book, play music, surf the web.

I do recommend a full-size iPad over the mini iPad for the RVer. It is easier to use as a second tv to watch movies or shows and with the larger display is easier on dad’s eyes. Even if you do not activate the cellphone service, do get one with 4G built-in that he can activate later.

When you are on the road, you cannot rely on always having WiFi access.

Game Day Presents

If he travels to away games and buys tickets through his school, chances are that at some point he’ll end up in the upper deck of some stadiums. Help him see the action on the field better with a pair of binoculars.

Or go ahead and buy him much better tickets in the lower level with CheapTickets.com!

At some point, he’ll be tailgating in the rain. Buy him a Columbia rain jacket, available in a variety of colors to match his favorite team.

May I also suggest the matching rain pants since wet jeans are horrible?

And if all else fails, get him a sweatshirt or t-shirt for his favorite team.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

What to get the RV Tailgate Dad for Father's DayGot some ideas for others looking to buy presents for dad on Father’s Day? Comment below!

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