RV Campground Review: Edisto Beach State Park

Looking for an RV campground right on the beach? What about on the marsh?

Then you need to check out Edisto Beach State Park on the South Carolina coast.

Edisto Beach RV Campground, South Carolina, RV Campground Review by RV Tailgate Life

Edisto Island

Edisto Island and Edisto Beach are about one hour south of Charleston, South Carolina.

It is a highly affluent area, made up of mostly beach homes and rentals. Edisto Beach’s population was only 414, as of the 2010 census. And that’s mostly retirees.

But where Edisto Beach really shines is the beach and the marsh and all the wildlife that these brings. The natural beauty in the area is off the charts.

Marsh view from site 59 at Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina Beach RV Campground

RV Campground

Edisto Beach State Park has two RV campgrounds – the Live Oak Campground and the Beach Campground.

As you are coming in on South Carolina Highway 174, you’ll come to the Live Oak Campground first, on the right. This is a more wooded area with some sites looking over the marsh.

The second campground is the beach campground, on the left. This is the one you want to stay in if you are looking for easy beach access.

The spots are mainly packed sand. So this means you’ll be spending a lot of time sweeping, vacuuming and otherwise trying to clean up the sand and gravel from inside your RV.

Only the handful of ADA/handicap sites are concrete paved.

However, the good news is that this state park has 50 amp electrical hookups. This will come in real handy during the summer months when you have to run the air conditioner!

The bad news is that there are no full hookup spots. They are water and electric only. There is a dump station on the way out of the park though. There’s only one dump spot so it can get backed up on Sundays when a lot of people are leaving after a weekend stay.

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Big Rigs at Edisto Beach Campground

If you are in a larger rig, say over 33 feet, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the site selection.

I stayed in site #59 and my rig is 36 feet long. I wouldn’t recommend this site for any RVs larger than 36 feet. You’ll need to back in and the turn is pretty right with a small fence protecting a ditch/drainage pipe in front and a tree in the back. It is not a pull-through site.

Edisto Beach RV Campground - Site 59 is shaded by Palmetto Trees and is packed sand

The more Big Rig Friendly sites will be at the end, on the loop. Sites 16-46 or so don’t offer as much in the way of shade, but that also means that there aren’t as many trees to block your way. These sites also tend to be larger.

Don’t worry about beach views. Since Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma and the rebuilding in the aftermath, the dunes between the beach and the Edisto Park Beach Campground are pretty high and for the most park will block your view no matter which site you reserve.

Some sites do have nice marsh views though.

Edisto Beach State Park is Dog Friendly

Two dogs on the beach at Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina

You know that it is always a big deal to me whether a park is dog friendly or not.

I basically won’t go anywhere that Burdell is not welcomed. And this weekend, I had a second dog, an older black lab, along for the trip.

Two dogs plus lots of sand. Yeah, it was a hopeless cause inside the RV.

Like Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama, dogs are welcome at Edisto Beach State Park.

The normal rules apply to dogs visiting the park: clean up after the dogs and dispose of waste properly. No aggressive dogs.

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Getting Around at Edisto

There are several restaurants, a gas station, and the grocery store all outside the Edisto Beach RV Campground entrance.

However, you’ll probably want a tow car for this trip to visit Botany Bay and to reach some of the farther out restaurants.

If you don’t have a tow car though, you’ll be fine for a weekend here. After all, you are probably here to enjoy the beach.

Lyft and Uber aren’t reliable in the area if there are even any drivers around. I didn’t see a taxi the entire weekend.

Restaurants at Edisto Beach

If you want low country seafood, then you are in the right place.

All you can eat oysters at Waterfront Restaurant at Edisto Beach South Carolina

Visit Waterfront Restaurant on Friday for all-you-can-eat steamed oysters. These are cluster oysters and don’t be surprised if you find some shells full of pluff mud. That’s the mud like substance that makes up the marsh. And the heavy abundance of pluff mud also colors the beach from blue to brown.

McConkey’s Jungle Shack is a great lunch spot, with fried seafood baskets, tacos, and sandwiches.

Coot’s Bar and Grill, right on the beach and next to the park, was meh. The burger was excellent, but the service was quite lacking – on a relatively slow day, we felt ignored and it took forever to order and then to get the food.

Take a drive to the other end of the island to a local restaurant called Whaley’s. It’s a bit of a dive but they have some awesome trigger fish and crab cakes.

Other Nearby Places to Explore

Edisto Beach is on the coast of South Carolina, between Charleston and Savannah, both beautiful coastal historic cities. Both are also foodie towns, with lots of great restaurants!

You can also visit Hilton Head Island. It’s about two hours south of driving time, but most of that is just getting off and onto the islands. By boat, it’s probably about 15 minutes, as both are islands along the South Carolina coast. There are lots of things to do in Hilton Head Island.

Edisto Beach RV Campground

Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina, RV Campground

If you want to visit an RV campground in the southeast in a casual beach community, then Edisto Beach RV Campground is the place to go.

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