DIY Jewelry Organizer and Display For Your RV

Do you have a problem keeping jewelry organized in your RV? Tired of not knowing what earrings or necklaces you have with you? Or the necklaces getting all tangled up?

On game day, you’ll want to look cute but not spend your time sorting through jewelry. Make it easier by keeping jewelry on display, ready with quick access.

Need a creative way to organize and even display your jewelry in the RV? Make your own jewelry frames! Try this DIY jewelry organizer project perfect for the RV!

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In the past, I’ve used various jewelry travel organizers like the jewelry roll bag or even hanging jewelry organizers.

This has let me take jewelry back and forth from the RV to the house. But the roll bags left necklaces in a tangled mess and the earrings hard to find. The larger jewelry organizers were too big, looked cheap, or just didn’t work in the RV.

Back at home, I have a large frame with wire that the earrings all hang from. And a shelf with a nice necklace holder. This keeps everything easy to see and relatively tangle free. I’ve wanted something similar for the RV.

The problem with countertop necklace or jewelry holders is that they take up valuable counter space and they are likely to go flying while driving down the roads that leave much to be desired (I see you Atlanta and your metal pothole covers). I’m finally getting close to the minimalist RV with clean countertops that I don’t have to pack/unpack before every trip.

I’ve been on the hunt, so to speak, for the perfect jewelry organizer for the RV. Something simple, that hangs on the wall that I don’t have to put up or take down every single time I take a trip.
Keep jewelry readily accessible and looking like a piece of art in the RV with this RV jewelry organizer project

What You’ll Need

6 inch square Cork Tiles
6 inch square Wood Photo Frames
Command Bath Water Resistant Refill Strips
Command Large Caddy, Clear (Optional)

The Inspiration

I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing the new RV, pretty much non-stop since I got it. I’ve been real hesitant to put things up on the wall so far, wanting to see how I would actually live in the RV. So now that I have a few short and long trips under my belt, I’ve started to get a much better feel of where things need to be and how to organize everything.

I recently spent several days organizing the RV – kitchen, living space, basements, bathroom, bedroom – you name it, I’ve been through it.

Of course, I have a bin of let’s just call it the RV Junk Drawer. It’s random stuff that I’ve bought and used over the years in both Starter RV and my new Tiffin. Lots of battery-operated LED lights are in here. Flashlights, Command Strips, just miscellaneous “stuff.”

Including 2 square cork tiles.

As I’m going through this junk bin, I find these tiles. And I look at them and look at them again. And somehow, in my brain I connect the cork tiles with the jewelry organizer I have in my house. Not sure how it happened, but it did.

Added benefit of using cork tiles – they also help dampen or absorb sound. I hate hearing things cling and clatter while I am driving. So hopefully this feature will help with avoiding unnecessary rattles from the jewelry.

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On the Hunt For The Perfect Spot

I ended up finding the perfect spot for hanging the cork tiles on the back side of the wall from the bathroom. This wall is taller than the available space on the bathroom wall (thanks to those over the sink cabinets), which makes it great for hanging long necklaces.

Also, by being in the bedroom, I avoid pesky things like the sink and toilet drains. Because who wants to lose an earring down a drain?

As I’m hunting down this space, one thing I quickly realized was that I didn’t like the unfinished look of just the cork tiles. So I hit up my trusty friends at Amazon, looking for small square frames. Little did I know that they had a whole selection of square frames meant for printing and framing Instagram photos.

So Amazon Prime to the rescue! Overnight delivery and I could finish up this project the very next day!

Pulling It All Together

Once the frames arrived, it was a simple process of popping out the stock art and the glass and putting the cork tiles in.

Then it was time to put it on the wall. With every RVers favorite tool – Command Strips!

Now, because I’m in the South and not a full-timer, the inside of my RV is subject to some pretty high temperatures. And humidity. So I always go with either bathroom or outdoor command strips, which seem to hold up better than the regular Command Strips.

Also key is proper surface prep. Always wipe down the wall with rubbing alcohol and then let it dry. I usually take the extra step of also wiping down the picture frame before I add the strips.

I added one large strip to the top of the frame and a second medium strip to the bottom of the frame. It’s overkill as for the weight of the whole contraption but 1) better safe than sorry and 2) I don’t want the frames banging on the wall as I bounce through the rough roads of this country. On larger frames, I’ll hit each corner but these are small enough that I just went with the two strips in the middle of the frame.

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Adding Jewelry

I had some silver thumbtacks in my RV Junk Drawer, so I just used those. However, I really wish I had these gold pattern designer thumbtacks that would go so well with the interior of the RV. I left a little room for the earrings behind them and then hung the earrings.

I also realized that there is a gap between the wall and the cabinet (there are two large drawers below the counter space). I could just see jewelry falling down that crack and being difficult to find or retrieve.

So I added the large clear Command caddy below. In addition to catching any jewelry that might fall, I can leave rings, watches, or bracelets here.

A RV DIY Jewelry Organizer

Make your own DIY jewelry organizer for the RVNow, I don’t wear a lot of fancy or expensive jewelry, but I do love some cute earrings.

And now I can leave a few pairs of earrings and necklaces so that it is one less thing to worry about while trying to get down to the tailgate this fall.

Also, because of where I put this, I can access it even with the slides in. So if I forget to take some jewelry out when I get back from the tailgate, it is easy to jump in and get it. I’ll know right where I left everything. And never worry about tangled necklaces again.

All for $10.99 (the square frames, since I had the
cork tiles, the Command strips and caddy, and thumbtacks all in my RV Junk Drawer).

I wonder what project will come out of the RV Junk Drawer next…

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