Custom Tailgate Signs Perfect for Football Season

One of our favorite offseason things to do is to think up all the cool ways that we can style the tailgate and make it unique. We’ve always found some awesome custom tailgate signs on Etsy and these are our latest finds. Feel free to use any for your next tailgate.

Remember to look around the shops to see if they have one for your team. We are only showcasing one product here, but most stores have items for multiple teams. And if they don’t have your favorite team but you like the style? Send the seller a message. Most are more than willing to work with you to get the right teams, colors, and message on the signs! I’ve done this several times with different Etsy sellers, to great delight.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for various products below. You get the same low prices and we earn a small commission to help us buy more RV tailgating gadgets. Or game tickets if you go on a shopping spree. Please go on a shopping spree!

Custom Tailgate Signs Found on Etsy

Custom License Plate Signs

Add custom decor to your RV with these custom license plate signs. These signs combine two of our favorite things – travel and sports! No two are alike and all come from old, recycled license plates.

What Happens at the Tailgate…

Every tailgate has its stories. Some stories are not fit to be told in mixed company. Make sure that everyone knows “what happens at the tailgate, stays at the tailgate!”

Wall Plaque: Home

Wherever you go, your home is always at your alma mater. You know, whether it is homecoming or the big rivalry game, you are always welcome with your friends.

Distance to Stadium

Do you tailgate in the same spot, year after year? Then you know exactly how far it is from your tailgating spot to the stadium. Mark it with a custom highway-style sign from your tailgate to the stadium.

Pallet College Custom Designs

Pallet style signs are a very “in” thing right now. Showcase your team spirit and your style with these cool custom signs made from pallet style wood.

You can also celebrate your conference – SEC or ACC. These are great for those roadtrips where you are visiting other schools or you want to represent the conference at the bowl game!

Tailgate in Progress

Does your tailgate need to come with a warning sign? We found you such a sign!

Motivational Signs

Is your team the underdog? Did the sports writers say that there is no chance? What do they know anyways? Give your fellow tailgaters some proper motivation before heading into the game!

Interrupt This Marriage for Football

Things change during football season. Most notably, families are on opposite sides of the gridiron. Or at least in different cheering sections.

Life needs more tailgates

Tailgates are the best times you can have with all your friends in one place. And the best roadtrips! We definitely need more tailgates. No need to disagree with this custom tailgate sign!

What Are Your Planning For Your Next Tailgate?

One of the fun things about Etsy is our ability to spend hours searching for just the right thing to add to our tailgate setup! And with a few custom tailgate signs, you can make your tailgate setup Instagram worthy!

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  1. These are awesome!!! My Mom and Dad want a beach house when they retire and try to think of clever beach names for their house. Etsy is amazing for showing off different ideas and sparking creative moments 🙂

    1. We love the things we find on Etsy! So many great things for a tailgate or a beach house. Or an RV! Thanks for coming by MustardSeedMoney!