Product Review: Costco Tailgate Chairs

RV Tailgating product review - Costco NFL and College Team Tailgating Chairs

Every tailgate needs a place to sit and relax. After much searching and using other tailgate chairs, the tailgate chairs from Costco are the best we’ve found.

We first started seeing these chairs at Costco about three or four years ago now, and they are the bomb!

Costco Tailgating Chair for Georgia TechAt $34.99, they are slightly more expensive that your average tailgate chair found at big box retailers like Target or Wal-Mart.

But I’ve found that they are much better while not being outrageously expensive.

If you have a Costco nearby and a membership, I encourage you to replace all your existing, cheap off-brand tailgating chairs with these comfortable chairs.

Costco Tailgate Chairs Pros:

  • Represent your team in style! The chairs are customized to the colors for each team. As a Tech fan, we don’t find too many things in gold, so that’s a plus for us. But all the versions I have seen are done up right with the appropriate team colors.
  • The back is higher than your normal tailgate chair, allowing you to lean back and be more comfortable.
  • The weight capacity is 300 pounds, higher than your typical tailgate chairs.
  • These things are strong and sturdy. I’ve only had one break since I started using them when other tailgate chairs would break on average one a season.
  • These tailgate chairs are comfortable!
  • The fabric is strong and dries quickly. It is reinforced along the seams – I have not had one tear at the seams yet.

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Dad is hanging out in the Costco Tailgating Chair at a recent RV tailgate

Costco Tailgate Chairs Cons:

  • Since these chairs are taller than many of your typical tailgate chairs, they may not fit in the smaller storage bays. In smaller RVs, like Starter RV, that leaves only one storage bay and the interior to store the chairs. In larger RVs, it may not be as big of a deal, but storage and space is always a consideration.
  • I’ve only seen them at Costco and you have to be a member to shop there.
  • Costco has not carried them on their website, and availability is limited to only the local teams. In the metro-Atlanta area, you can find Georgia Tech, Georgia, and sometimes even the Atlanta Falcons. But don’t expect anything beyond that. You won’t find Auburn or Alabama ones in Atlanta, but you probably will in Birmingham or Montgomery. I’ve seen reports about USC and UCLA chairs in Southern California.
  • Once you find these, you better buy them. Costco only has them in their stores for a limited time, from about June until the start of football season. Don’t expect to be able to get them late in the summer. Buy now!

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Costco Tailgating Chairs

RV tailgating product review of the Costco Tailgating Chairs - the best RV tailgating camping chairs on the marketDon’t you just love the Costco tailgating chairs? If you think your tailgating chairs are better, then let us know in the comments so we can test them out.

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