Christmas RV Decorations For Your Home

Just because your RV is in winter storage doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the RV lifestyle this Christmas!

We’ve got some awesome Christmas RV decorations for inside and outside your home AND trailer this Christmas!

Christmas RV Style for Your Home

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

What celebrates the RV lifestyle more than the Christmas movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? Dare I say, nothing!

In fact, the movie should be part of your annual Christmas traditions. And you’ll notice that a lot of these decorations are from the awesome movie.

But don’t worry. If you don’t like Christmas Vacation or don’t want Cousin Eddie all over your house, there are plenty of other RV camper Christmas decorations for you.

RV-Inspired Decorations for Outside

Let’s start with the outside decorations.

Inflatable National Lampoon Christmas Vacation RV for outside Christmas RV-themed decorations

Inflatable RV Decoration

Celebrate the National Lampoon story and your RV love by inflating this 4 foot inflatable RV outside your home.

Extra props if you borrow your RV sewer hose and add a mannequin with a bath robe a la Cousin Eddie.

You know, for authenticity and everything.

Inflatable National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Griswold station wagon for outside Christmas RV-themed decorations

Griswold Station Wagon

Since we have the RV, you might as well add the station wagon to the mix, right?

This inflatable is 8 feet long of pure Griswold joy.

Snow Globe Inflatable

This inflatable snow globe will show various scenes that include motion AND music.

Holiday Santa with Camper Inflatable

You can have a camper inspired yard inflatables even if you don’t want to honor Cousin Eddie and National Lampoon. This cute camper is Santa’s chariot when the sleigh just won’t do.

Animated Christmas Glamper Inflatable

This nine feet of Christmas camper awesomeness needs to be in your front yard to celebrate everything RVing this Christmas holiday!

Merry Christmas Camper Garden Flag

Your garden, porch, or patio shouldn’t escape the Camper Christmas spirit. Include this cute garden flag, measuring 12 x 18 inches.

Also perfect to include in your camping setup this December if you are going camping.

Vintage Camper Garden Stake

This decorate metal garden stake is perfect to celebrate the camper and RV lifestyle this winter.

Camper Holiday Doormat

As we go from outside to inside, we need to show our camping style with this cute doormat. Let’s leave the snow and salt outside this holiday season!

RV Themed Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

Christopher Radko Happy Camper Ornament

An official Christopher Radko handmade glass blown ornament celebrating the camping lifestyle! These are the primo glass ornaments of the holiday season.

Also, Radko ornaments for the racing/NASCAR fans, beer lovers, and dog lovers.

Class A Motorhome Glass Ornament

This hand crafted glass ornament even has the swirls that everyone loves to hate on large Class A RVs. Perfect gift for your Class A owners.

Class C Motorhome Glass Ornament

This retro Class C camper glass blown ornament is perfect for those that love the older motorhomes. Perhaps as a beautiful memory of your first camper. Or your current RV.

Travel Trailer Glass Blown Ornament

We aren’t going to miss out on this cute Christmas decorated travel trailer glass blown ornament. Isn’t it cute?

Tent Camper Glass Ornament

This one is for our pop-up tent campers. It’s your own glass blown ornmanet that is about 4 inches wide. Perfect to showcase your camping style on your Christmas tree!

Christmas Vacation RV Ornament

You didn’t think we’d miss an opportunity to represent our favorite RV Christmas movie on the Christmas tree, did you? Don’t miss this Hallmark Cousin Eddie’s RV ornament!

Travel Trailer Christmas Lights

Travel Trailer Christmas Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree with these travel trailer lights.

Then, during camping season, hang them from your awning. No reason for them to sit in a box until next Christmas!

Glass Retro Trailer Ornaments Set of 2 by World Market

Glass RV Camper Ornaments (set of 2)

Get these cute glass ornaments that are full of color and life to hang on your tree or by themselves on an ornament stand.

2022 Hallmark Keepsake Happy Campers Ornament

Every year, Hallmark has collectible ornaments. Don’t miss out on the 2022 holiday ornament celebrating the camping lifestyle.

Don’t miss the 2019 Hallmark Keepsake Happy Campers Ornament, 2018 travel trailer, the 2017 tent camper, 2016 Class A Crazy Christmas Camper, or the 2014 red Streamline Camper Ornament.

Santa Driving His RV Ornament

Santa is coming to town in his RV! And the reindeer are along for the ride in this cute holiday ornament!

More Inside The House RV-Themed Christmas Decorations

Christmas Village RV Accessory

If you have a Christmas village in your home, then you definitely need to add some RV style with this National Lampoon RV.

Don’t forget to add Cousin Eddie complete with bath robe and beer, the Griswold Holiday House, Griswold station wagon with family tree, among other pieces.

Christmas Lot RV Figurine

Celebrate Christmas RV-style with this battery-operated figurine that plays all your Christmas song favorites.

Just under 10 inches, you’ll be able to find a lot of places for this figurine, from the mantel to the bookshelf to the coffee table.

Perfect gift for those that work Christmas tree lots for seasonal jobs.

RV-Themed Kitchen Towel Set

Don’t forget about the kitchen, where you can add these cute RV trailer towels, oven mitt, and pot holder.

Merry Christmas Camper Kitchen Rug

This skid resistant camper rug is perfect for your kitchen to prevent spills and to cushion your feet.

Christmas Camper Cookie Jar with Dog

Mmm, if you are going to be baking this Christmas, you need a camper appropriate place to store your cookies. Or perhaps those are dog treats?

Another option is this LED Lighted Cookier Jar.

RV Camper Cookie Jar

Here’s another cute cookie jar for RVers.

If you are going to show off your cookie baking skills, make sure you get a RV Cookie Cutter.

Holiday Camper Salt & Pepper Shakers

How. Cute. Are. These??? These salt and pepper shakers are perfect for your Christmas dinner table!

Wood And Metal Trailer LED Light Up Tabletop Decor by World Market

LED Light-Up Table Camper

This cute camper will look great sitting on a coffee table or mantle, reminding you of all the great camping trips of the year.

Christmas Camper Snow Globe

How awesome is this snow globe? I mean, we always say that everything shakes, rattles, and rolls as we drive down the road. Well, that’s true here in this snow globe, except it looks a lot prettier than it does in the real trailer!

Light Up Ceramic Happy Camper

This ceramic camper has over 30 multi-colored bulbs that light up with a C7 lamp inside the camper.

There’s also a night light version that is great for bathrooms or hallways.

Merry Christmas Y'all Retro Camper Throw Pillow by World Market

Merry Christmas Camper Throw Pillow

Your sofa shouldn’t be left out of the RV Christmas spirit. Include this throw pillow to bring festive camper cheer to your couch.

Christmas Camper Throw Pillow Covers

This set of four 18 inch square covers will take your normal throw pillows and turn them into Christmas Camper inspired decor for your home. Great for both the home and the RV since they are only covers and won’t take up a lot of room during the rest of the year in storage.

RV Themed Christmas Pillow Covers

These 18 inch square pillow covers are perfect to slip over your existing pillows for the holiday season!

Also perfect touches for the RV if you are out camping this holiday season or full-timing since they are slip covers and won’t take up much room during the rest of the year.

Camper Van Stocking Holder

With a camper stocking, you need a camper stocking holder. That way you don’t need to add any nails to your mantel!

Don’t have a mantle to hang your stockings? Like say in the RV? Then try this Wrought Iron Free Standing Stocking Holder.


Christmas Camper Throw

Stay warm with this Christmas camper throw.

It’s 50″ x 60″ and machine washable, you know, in case the dog claims it as his own.

RV Camper Christmas Shower Curtain with Hooks

Don’t leave the bathroom out of the RV Christmas spirit!

Add this seasonal shower curtain, complete with matching shower hooks to make sure everyone knows you are an RV fan!

RV Trailer Cat Scratcher House

Even your cat can get in the RV-themed Christmas spirit with this RV trailer cat scratcher house.

Measuring in at just over a foot tall and easy to assemble, your cat will be in Christmas RV heaven this holiday season!

What’s On Your RV Christmas List?

Christmas RV Style For Your Home - Showcase Your Camper LoveSo many ways to showcase how much you love the RV lifestyle in your home this Christmas season with all these Christmas RV decorations!

I want to see your RV inspired Christmas trees! Send us your photos!

Love these Christmas RV decoration ideas? Pin for later!

Now that you’ve got the RV Christmas style down in your house, what’s on your RV Christmas list?

Here are some ideas for you:

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