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A guide to Pinterest Hacks for RV Tailgating 0

Pinterest Hacks for RV Tailgating

There’s a lot of good ideas on Pinterest. There are also a lot of bad ideas on Pinterest. Here, we take a look at some of the Pinterest hacks for RV tailgating that work...

Wire tubing over the closet rods helps keep hangers in place and your closet organized in your RV 12

9 Easy RV Closet Organization Hacks

Storage is limited in an RV and the closets are no exception. Unless you get one of those big, fancy RVs that cost more than my brick and mortar house, you don’t have a...

Cut the Cable TV Cord 6

Cutting the Cord on Home Television

One thing about hanging out with a bunch of RVers is that many of them are full-timers and have gone through the process of minimizing the stuff in their lives. This is very admirable...