Banana Pudding Cake Perfect Tailgating Dessert

Need something sweet for the tailgate? Try this Banana Pudding Cake!

Banana Pudding Cake Recipe

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Make This Banana Pudding Cake Ahead of Time

One of the things I look for in tailgate recipes is how well it does when it is prepared a day or two ahead of time.

This recipe takes the cake – all puns intended. I actually recommend that this cake be prepared at least one day prior to serving, to allow the flavors to blend. You won’t have to worry about it drying out since it is covered with banana pudding!

I recommend that you wait until the last minute to put the bananas on top – to keep them from turning brown and mushy. I’ve made some similar cakes/cupcakes that have the bananas in the cake batter, but I skipped that since the plan was to serve this the next day. Because no one wants mushy bananas in their cake!

Use Pyrex Dishes with Lids

I used a Pyrex clear baking dish with a lid and carrying case to allow for easy transport, to and from the RV and around the tailgate.

If nothing else, the lid is good for keeping the dog out of the food! Or being able to stack things on top of the cake in the small RV fridge!

If you don’t have one of these baking sets, I highly recommend it for tailgating!

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Comments from the Tailgate About the Banana Pudding Cake

“You are never allowed to make this again. I will be 500 pounds soon!” James, as he licks the plate.

“I love banana pudding!”
“You know it’s a cake, right?”
“Even better!”

“Love that it is served cold, with that little crunch (from the Nilla Wafers on top)”

“All mine!” Linda trying to steal the cake away

Banana Pudding Cake at the tailgate

Banana Pudding Cake

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

A wonderfully tasty cake recipe that you can make ahead, which makes it perfect for tailgating.


  • 1 pkg Yellow Cake mix
  • 1 pkg Banana Pudding mix
  • 1 pkg Cool Whip
  • 1 Banana, Sliced
  • Nilla Wafers, crushed


  1. Cook yellow cake mix according to directions on package.
  2. After baking, let cool for 5 minutes while making banana pudding according to directions on package.
  3. Using a chopstick, poke holes in the cake so that the banana pudding can soak into the cake.
  4. Pour banana pudding over the cake and spread evenly. Refrigerate.
  5. Just prior to serving, spread Cool Whip over the banana pudding and cake. Top with sliced banana and Nilla Wafers

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Banana Pudding Cakes are Easy

Banana Pudding CakeRecipe for Banana Pudding Poke Cake from RV Tailgate LifeWhat’s your favorite tailgating dessert? Comment below with your suggestions!

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