Awesome Luxury Presents for RV Parents

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 12, 2019) and Father’s Day is a month behind that (June 16, 2019). With both days coming up soon, you’ll be needing some presents for your RV parents.

And we don’t want to give sewer hoses for Mother’s Day, right? Not even Father’s Day. Let’s give our RV parents something that they will actually enjoy. Something a little luxurious or fancy. Something that they may not otherwise buy themselves but that they will enjoy. Perhaps even a splurge for the RV lifestyle.

These are the best RV luxury presents, perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for your RVing mom and dad.

Luxury RV presents for your RVing mom and dad this Mother's Day and Father's Day

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Something to Grill

American Wagyu Gold Grade Whole Tenderloin Roast aka Filet Mignon Roast perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day presentsLet’s start with some fine American Wagyu Filets to get started. Snake River Farms will ship directly to you fine steaks, pork, and other meat products. Perfect to grill for a family celebration for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

In addition to the regular filet mignon, you can also get bacon-wrapped filet mignon because bacon takes everything up a notch!

Something to Grill On

The Blackstone Griddle is all the rage for outdoor grilling and cooking. It’s propane fueled, so you can hook it up to your RV propane tank or smaller external tanks. But no wood, wood chips, or pellets needed to haul around.

Blackstone Grills are easy to clean up with their solid state tops. The tops also flip upside down, making the grills easy to store in RV basement compartments.

Enjoy a Nice Glass of Wine

Many RV moms (and dads too!) enjoy a nice glass of wine, especially with their steaks. But everyone is so hesitant to bring wine glasses because they take up space and are likely to break. So get your RV parents unbreakable, stemless wine glasses!

These glasses come in sets of four – perfect for the RV. And they have a convenient storage tube, since they are stemless. This means you can fit them in many tight storage spaces and not worry about them breaking.

Have A Seat Outside the RV

One of my favorite recent purchases has been the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rockers. These fold up almost flat, making them easy to store in your RV basement compartments.

They also rock! Like literally, rocking chairs. Nothing quite like relaxing by the camp fire in a rocking chair. With a cupholder too!

Look Sharp, Like the Coaches

Florida Gators Jordan Brand 2019 Early Season Coaches Polo White/RoyalFanatics has 2019 NCAA Early Season Coaches Polos available. Get your dad’s favorite school so he can look as awesome as the coaches do on the sideline.

The short sleeve polos will be great for summer wear as well as early season games when it is still hot as can be out there tailgating. If your dad still has to go into the office, the shirts are classy and dressy enough for many offices, at least on casual Friday. Make sure he shows his team colors!

Rock Out at the Tailgate

What’s a tailgate without some music? Seriously, it’s just boring! Get your RV parents a Bose portable speaker so they can enjoy their favorite music, inside or outside the RV. Or even at the beach!

These wireless, Bluetooth speakers are waterproof so they won’t go bad if they get some rain (or wine) spilled on them. They have six hours of play time and a built-in speaker for taking calls (great if you are pairing the Bluetooth with your phone).

Get Started with Solar

Whether tailgating or camping, the party will go a lot longer and be a lot more fun if you have solar power to charge all your gadgets. A nice entry level solar option for our RV parents is the Renogy 100Watt Solar Suitcase.

This suitcase solar set has a controller to keep RV batteries from overcharging. And because it is a suitcase solar system, the panels can be setup anywhere for maximum convenience and sunlight during camping or tailgating. With no major trips on the RV roof!

A Boost for Working on the Road

WeBoost RV Bundle from TechnoRVAre your parents complaining about poor cell reception while they are trying to work on the road? Get them the WeBoost Drive 4G Bundle. The WeBoost is the leader for cellphone boosting, allowing RVers to go further off-grid or in areas with poor cellphone reception.

The WeBoost bundle from TechnoRV has two extra antennas, an inside antenna and an outside antenna, which gives you multiple options, even when driving down the road.

Make sure your parents can share all their photos on Facebook, no matter where in the country they are!

Watch Their Travels in 4K HD

Speaking of photos, let’s take it up a notch with video! And only the best video will do for your RV parents. Get them the GoPro Hero 7, so they can document all their awesome travels in full 4k high def!

The GoPro HERO7 is waterproof (great for rainy games), can stream live (add the WeBoost for when they are in the boonies), and has voice control for remote shots!

RV Parents Deserve RV Luxury Presents

Luxury presents for RV moms and dads this springRV parents are the best parents and deserve the finest of luxuries during their RV travels! Whether for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these presents will make any RV parent happy!

They deserve the best, right? They did raise you after all. Make sure they are living the RV life in luxury and style!

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