Amazon Prime Day 2021

Are you ready for some deep discounts on all your favorite RV and tailgating products?

Then get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021! It’s like Black Friday in July!

In 2020, Prime Day was moved to October. But we expect that Prime Day 2021 will be back during the middle of the summer like it has been in past years.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals for RVers and Tailgaters

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a two day shopping event by everyone’s online favorite retailer – Amazon.

A lot of people will put off summer shopping until Prime Day, just to catch all the bargains.

The cool thing is that other large retailers also try to get in on the craze by offering their own competing sales and deals. So it’s a big win-win for shoppers like you and me.

The first Amazon Prime Day was on July 15, 2015. It was a one-day sale and was so successful that Amazon has turned it into a yearly tradition. Amazon Prime Day 2018 lasted for 36 hours.

During that period, a lot of products (although not all) will be discounted, some with deep discounts. However, not all the products are discounted for the entirety of Prime Day. Some are limited deals, available only certain hours.

And many of the deals are limited on the number of items that they will sell. They may only offer 1,000 or 10,000 or some other limited quantity at the discounted price. So if you see a deal you like, you better jump on quick! There’s no waiting once you find a good deal.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon has not yet announced when Amazon Prime Day will be. But based on past yers, we can expect two days of savings on RV gear and tailgating merchandise just waiting for you!

Typically, the best deals kick off around midnight on the first day of Prime Day. That’s 3:00 AM on the east coast! So set your alarms.

As we wait for Amazon Prime Day 2021, browse through Amazon’s Gold Box Daily Deals. It’s like Prime Day everyday!

One of the recent Daily Deals that I saw was the Nimble RV Pet Temperature Monitor on sale for $99 which is half off the regular price! This is a popular item for RVers that travel with pets!

Or take a look at the deals from Amazon Prime Day 2019 and Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals. This will give you an idea of what you can expect for Amazon Prime Day 2020!

Are You Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021?

To get ready for Prime Day, you’ll need to be a member of Amazon Prime.

The biggest benefit of Amazon Prime is definitely the two day free shipping on over 100 million items. In many cities, you can get free same day or next day shipping on many items (not everything but whatever they stock in their local warehouses are going to be eligible).

The good news is that you get a 30 day free trial using this link.

Extra Benefits on Prime that RVers Love

Amazon Prime is more than just the free shipping though.

Prime has a lot of extra benefits that RVers love:

  • Amazon Lockers If you are traveling, you can have products delivered to a nearby Amazon Locker. I’ve used the Amazon Locker at Georgia Tech during tailgating season. Just pay attention to the delivery dates so you’ll be there to pick up your orders. The Amazon Locker at GT (and many others places) is great for returning items too.

  • Amazon Delivery Day Another great feature for travelers. Schedule it so that all your packages will arrive on the same day. So as you order things, like say that busted sewer pipe one day and then the new spice rack another day, you can schedule the packages to arrive all on the day you get back from your trip. No packages sitting outside your house highlighting the fact that you aren’t home.

  • Amazon Video Being out on the road, it’s nice to have some entertainment options. Even when you are far from over-the-air digital television reception. When you are in town, download some movie and tv show options, including Amazon Prime Originals. Then when you are on the road or out in the boonies, you can still be entertained.

  • Whole Foods If you are planning an epic tailgate, you need epic quality food. So you can go to Whole Foods. Prime members, using the Amazon app on their phone, get special discounts and deals in-store.

    At the 2019 Atlanta NASCAR race, we did a low country boil with an oyster roast too. The savings on the oysters from Whole Foods alone paid for more than one third of this year’s Prime membership.

  • Amazon Photos If you are anything like me, you take a lot of photos during your RV travels and your tailgates on your smartphone. Prime members get access to Amazon Photos, which lets you backup unlimited full resolution photos and 5 GB of video included in their membership. You can then share the photos with anyone. This gives you an automatic backup of your phone and lets you free up space to take more photos.

The Amazon App Has Special Deals

Want to know a (not so) secret?

  1. Get the Amazon app on your smartphone.
  2. Create a wish list of RV items you want (hello Solo Stove)
  3. Amazon will notify you when your wish list items go on sale!

And on Prime Day, you’ll have special early access to certain deals through the app.

But wait until you sign up for Prime to download the app! Amazon will often send you an email with a discount code to save you an extra $5-20 to download, install, and order from the app! Who can say no to free money, right?

Another ongoing benefit of the Amazon app – the app will notify you when packages are delivered. Often even sending you photos of where they left the box. That’s kind of cool, so you know when your Wheel Witness Dash Cam arrives!

Save with an Amazon Store Card

If you are an avid Amazon shopper like me, then you might benefit from the Amazon Store Card.

The Amazon Store Card has no annual fee and 5% cash back on your Amazon purchases if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

The Amazon Store Card also has quite a few special sign on bonuses throughout the year. And on Prime Day, you can get even more back! They’ll up the cash back reward, to say 20%, on Prime Day. That’s an extra savings!

But you’ll need the Amazon Store Card setup before Prime Day, so apply now!

Watch Out for the “Garage Sale” Items

Amazon has a lot of third-party sellers on its platform. And these sellers use Amazon Prime Day as a way to dump a lot of their old, unsold stock that is just taking up space in a warehouse. I call this the “garage sale” for Amazon.

Make sure that you only buy good deals and things that you want. It’s not a good deal if you don’t use it or it breaks right after you get the product.

2021 Christmas and Holiday Presents

Amazon Prime Day is a great time to shop for all your favorite RVers for Christmas!

Like last year, supply chain issues remain problematic. If you find something you like or you want to give for a present for say Christmas, make sure you order early! It may seem crazy to order Christmas gifts in the summer, but that is actually how crazy the supply chain is.

Or you can just buy stuff for the last parts of summer camping and fall football tailgating! No judging here!

Top RV Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Check back on Prime Day and we will be listing all the great deals we find at Amazon and other online retailers! Because it’s not just Amazon that usually takes advantage of the sale day!

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