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Did you ever wish there was a website out there just for you, the RV tailgater?

I searched and searched and didn’t find anything that spoke to me.

RV Tailgating in the new RV - a 2017 Tiffin 34PA Class A gas motorhome

So I made a website for people like us – really big sports fans that decided we wanted to be able to tailgate all weekend long. And have the best of times with our friends. And never worry about DUIs. And be able to take the dogs with us to tailgate.

So after I bought an RV, I started this website. Just for you, my fellow RV tailgaters!

I am focused on the part-time RVers out there. But a lot of the tips and tricks are great for full-timers that have no interest in sports. I know you are out there even if you don’t want to admit it.

A lot of what I write about it also good for most tailgaters, even if you don’t have an RV just yet. Of course, if you hang around here long enough, you’ll get the itch to go buy your own RV!

Learn from what worked and from what didn’t work. And just how much fun we had along the way!

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More About Kimberly

Kimberly from RV Tailgate Life and Buzz, the Georgia Tech mascotI am a Georgia Tech fan. That’s who I am and I don’t apologize for it. I also love to tailgate for football in the fall and baseball in the spring.

In between seasons, or sometimes even in the middle of a season, I will find a concert, other sporting event, or camping spot to tailgate at with friends. An RV tailgate is the best tailgate!

I “got out” (that’s graduate in non-Tech parlance) from Tech some number of years ago.

Interesting tidbit about me: I haven’t missed a home Georgia Tech game since I enrolled at the school as a freshman. I also make more away games than my wallet probably likes. That’s a lot of football games. And a lot of tailgates.

Then, let’s not forget about baseball games. College baseball is my passion now, but being an Atlanta resident in the 1990s, I was also a big Atlanta Braves fan.

Even before I bought my own RV, I was a part of the RV tailgate crowd at Tech since I was in school. Before the 2014 football season, I bought “Starter RV” to begin my official life as an RV owner and tailgater.

In 2017, I upgraded from the 1990 Winnebago to a 2017 Tiffin Class A gas RV.

Unlike a lot of RV owners, I don’t live in the RV full-time. There are lots of sites out there dedicated to the full-timer life, but I didn’t see a whole lot out there for the part-timer. I’ve had to learn as I go on this. Learn from what I did – a little right and whole lot wrong.

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