Easy Tailgating Desserts for You to Try

Are you looking for an easy tailgating dessert for the next game?

Below is a collection of tailgating desserts, tried and tested by yours truly. These desserts are either great to make ahead or in the RV.

A collection of easy tailgating dessert recipes from RV Tailgate Life

What Makes a Tailgating Dessert “Easy”?

Easy tailgating dessert recipesTo be an easy to make tailgating dessert in the RV, the recipe typically requires few specialized tools, a minimum amount of bowls to clean at the end, and must taste great.

Bonus points if they are no-bake desserts, since the oven takes propane and makes it difficult to cool the RV.

Make ahead recipes are awesome for tailgating because you can take advantage of your full-sized home kitchen. But that means the dessert needs to travel well.

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Easy Tailgating Desserts

Every tailgate needs a dessert. And these are the easiest tailgating desserts to make in your RV or at home, ahead of time

The Best Chocolate Dessert Ever!

You need to try this sinfully delicious chocolate cake right this second! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for various products below. You get the same low prices and we earn a small commission...

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Enjoy A Skillet Sugar Cookie

Ever tried baking in your cast iron skillet? Try this skillet sugar cookie today! Cast iron skillets are one of my favorite cooking tools. I have cast iron skillets at both home and in...

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Tailgating Sugar Cookie Bars - Rock Your Team Colors

Tailgates are a perfect time to represent your team! And what better way than with desserts? Food and team spirit all in one neat package! These tailgating sugar cookie bars are a perfect chance...

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Reese's Peanut Butter Brownies Perfect for Tailgating

I admit it, I’ve been on a brownie kick lately. The latest concoction are these Reese’s peanut butter brownies. You’ll just have to suffer through the gooey yummyness. And I make no apologies to...

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S'mores Fudge - No Campfire Required!

Do you love the yumminess of s’mores but are currently under a camp fire ban? You should try S’mores Fudge! S’mores fudge is really easy to make. And you’ll have people raving over how...

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The Most Decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies Ever

Do you want to try the most decadent peanut butter chocolate cookies ever? Then this is the recipe for you! Every chocolate lover will love these cookies. The peanut butter chocolate cookies are great...

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Pumpkin Swirl Brownies Perfect Fall Tailgating Dessert

It’s October, so of course that means everything pumpkin. Including these pumpkin swirl brownies, perfect for fall tailgating. The pumpkin flavor is not overwhelming. And it’s balanced out nicely with the chocolate. So even...

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Banana Pudding Cake Perfect Tailgating Dessert

Need something sweet for the tailgate? Try this Banana Pudding Cake! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for various products below. You get the same low prices and we earn a small commission to...

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Avalanche Cookies: Another No Bake Cookie Recipe for Your Tailgate!

We really like avalanche bars. But man, there is a lot of patience required, waiting for the chocolate to cool to make those bars of yummy goodness. Who has time when there is tailgating...

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Brownie Balls

Want to make the easiest dessert in the world with only three ingredients? Try these no-bake peanut butter brownie balls! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for various products below. You get the same...

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Crock-Pot Dump Cake: Warm Dessert for Cold Tailgate

Try out this super easy dessert for your next tailgate! The Crock-Pot Dump Cake is so easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this forever. Plus it has fruit, so it’s healthy,...

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