RV Golf Club Lets You Park Your RV at Golf Courses

There’s a new option for RVers on road trips – and it’s perfect for many RV Tailgaters! The RV Golf Club is a new membership based organization that lets you stay in your RV overnight at golf courses around the country (and Canada too!).

Find out how to get free RV boondocking at golf courses with The RV Golf Club

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The RV Golf Club definitely fills a need for more overnight RV parking in a harder and harder parking environment.

And there’s a special offer for readers of RV Tailgate Life! Get up to six free months of membership of RV Golf Club using this link!

Difficult Choices for Overnight RV Parking

Open up any Facebook RV group and you’ll surely have a thread about overnight RV parking and how difficult it is.

When you come in late and leave early, do you really want to pay a full night at a campground just to sleep? Tips for Overnight RV Parking has over 5,600 pins on Pinterest from people looking for options to stay a night or two during a long road trip.

Truckers are limited in where they can stay, so they get upset if you use limited spots at travel centers or truck stops. A lot of people are concerned about staying at Wal-Mart, mainly due to security issues. Or that some cities are banning overnight parking by RVs and vans.

The problem isn’t going to go away either. RV sales are soaring, with millennials a major buying force (38% of RVers vs. 31% of the population). Fifth wheels and smaller travel trailers are popular with young buyers looking to get into RVing.

Stay for Free with the RV Golf Club

The idea behind the RV Golf Club is that you can spend one night at one of the participating golf courses or resorts.

For free! No nightly fees for parking your RV overnight on a road trip!

In many cases, you will even be able to stay longer if you work it out with local management. Just “engage in some commerce” to help them out – so shop in the pro shop. Eat at their restaurant. Golf on their course. Take a lesson from the pro. You get the idea.

At many of the RV Golf Club courses, you’ll be within walking distance and have access to the course clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant, driving range, and sometimes even a pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts or spa.

I mean, who wouldn’t love to relax in a Jacuzzi after a long day of RV driving?

And if you are traveling, would you rather stay in a crowded Wal-Mart parking lot or a beautifully landscaped golf course?

It’s Boondocking

When you stay at a golf course with RV Golf Club, you’ll be boondocking. RV Tailgaters are generally pros at this already, but to recap, no hookups for the night, just like when you are parking at Wal-Mart. There’s no power. No water. No sewer dumps.

Without hookups, you’ll need to be self-contained. That means your RV needs it’s own toilet. Porta-potty type setups are acceptable, although there is no dumping of the waste at the golf courses.

Unlesss You Stay at a RV Resort

The exception to the boondocking rules will be when you stay at a participating RV Resort. At the RV resorts, you’ll get free hookups.

With your RV Golf Club membership, you’ll be able to stay for free for two nights at most of the RV resorts. Other resorts give you a 50% discount or a flat fee to stay there.

Golfing Not Actually Required

It may say golf right there in the name, but you don’t even need to be a golfer to join or participate.

Just the parking benefits alone are worth the membership! And you’ll have access to so much more, not just the parking lot.

However, if you have ever thought about taking up golf, RV Golf Club may be a great reason to take up golfing. Many of the courses offer discounts for Club members, from the pro shop to lessons from the pro. And naturally, the courses also offer discounts on greens fees. The discounts will vary by golf course, so be sure to check it out in the members section after you register.

Rules for Overnight Stays at Golf Courses

The rules all seem pretty reasonable to me. All types of RVs are allowed – Class A, B and C RVs as well as 5th Wheels, trailers, and truck campers. Unfortunately, canvas (pop-up) RVs and tents are not permitted. Not because we don’t want them but because they don’t blend in well with the golf courses. And the RV Golf Club is all about blending in.

Keep It Simple

The RV Golf Club is all about relationships with the local golf courses. So as a member of the RV community and specifically the RV Golf Club, we hope you’ll help maintain the relationships with the courses. Park only in designated spots. Don’t extend your awnings or setup camp. You can put out your slides, but don’t block roadways. If you are using jacks, please use jack pads to protect the parking lot surface.

And yes, you can run the generator. But please make sure that you will not be impacting those around you. Use a quiet generator and not near residences. If there are other RVs around, make sure to exercise due caution, including using a Genturi to redirect generator exhaust if necessary. No carbon monoxide issues please!

No 10 Year Rule

Unlike some RV resorts and campgrounds, RV Golf Club does not have that pesky 10 year rule. Instead, they require you to be in good working order and fit in with the golf course surroundings.

And awesome news for fellow Big Rigs! There is no restriction on length. You’ll be in a parking lot and not a small campground space after all.

Pets are Allowed

Pets are allowed at golf courses with RV Golf Club, just follow basic courtesy and a few simple rulesRV Golf Club allows you to bring your pets with you. Just make sure that they aren’t barking loudly because golfers get pretty mad when there are distractions during a back swing. You must keep them leashed outside the RV, clean up after them, and keep them off the golf courses. In other words, be reasonable about your dogs, follow the tips for tailgating with dogs, and they can travel with you.

Some RV resorts will have additional rules and restrictions on pets. So check the member section before you go.

Join RV Golf Club Today and Get Up to SIX Months Free!

Join the RV Golf Club and get free RV boondocking at golf courses across US and CanadaYou get free overnight parking. Access and discounts to golf course amenities like you were a member of the course. All across the United States and Canada. So what is all of this worth to you?

Now, here’s the awesome news – you can get a year’s membership for just $99! Join for three years and get a 20% discount – that’s a total of $237.

Using this link, you’ll get two months free if you buy a 1 year membership. And six months free on a 3 year membership!

That’s $5.64 a month to stay at golf courses overnight instead of a noisy Wal-Mart! Why haven’t you joined yet?

You can start staying at golf courses on your RV road trips! Join now!


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