Week 7 Recap: Migraine Bummer

Welcome to Bobby Dodd StadiumWeek 7 promised to be a good weekend for Georgia Tech football. Tech’s head coach Paul Johnson once coached at Georgia Southern and remains popular with many of their fans (winning national championships will do that!). With a short drive from Statesboro, we expected a lot of Southern fans in attendance. Fortunately they were generally pretty good people and fans. And we all had a common enemy – Georgia. So when the rotating out of town scoreboard showed that Georgia had lost, a pretty loud cheer went up in the stadium.

The game was also a success, as Georgia Tech got back in the winners’ column. We now have more wins this year than we did all of last year. Ugh. We need more wins. We are really having to live up to the motto that “We’ve never lost a tailgate” lately.

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Food for Week 7

Krystal style hamburger sliders. Yummy!Sometimes you’ll have lots of time between meals while you are tailgating. One of our fellow tailgaters makes these awesome Krystal-style hamburger sliders. One of the awesome things about RV tailgating is that you get things like stoves and ovens (not just grills) to cook delicious concoctions like these. We typically try to have some food available immediately after the game to hold us over until dinner is ready.

We did another potluck this week, with chili as the main course made up by a fellow tailgater. My contribution was the Peanut Butter Brownie Balls. These little bits of chocolate goodness were a big hit. They are great for tailgating since you can prepare ahead of time. Even those without the big fridge/freezers in an RV can do these. Just freeze them ahead of time and then drop them in your cooler. You can serve them room temperature – it’s perfectly ok and they won’t fall apart. Again, great for tailgating. I also did up another round of the Pumpkin Spice Sangria.

RV Tailgating When You Have a Migraine

Unfortunately for me though, I woke up Saturday morning with a pretty bad migraine. The good news though is that with an RV, I was better prepared for it. First, my medicine cabinet is well-stocked with the most necessary migraine fighting element ever: Excedrin Migraine. The second: Coca Cola.

Friday night RV tailgating is some of the best tailgating with friends!And finally, the third: the bed. See, if I had to fight the migraine at a normal tailgate, I’d probably be sitting in the car without being able to stretch out and relax the body. And the extra light. With the RV, I was able to draw the shades in the bedroom, lay down and avoid as much stimuli as possible. While it didn’t go away before the game (thanks noon kickoff, again), it did make it tolerable. Another dose of Excedrin Migraine later and I was almost human.

It’s not always sunshine and roses when you are tailgating, but you can still make the best of it. Sometimes the comforts of home really do make a difference.

Looking Forward to the Bye Week

Next week, Georgia Tech is off. No home game. No away game. I am hoping to get some work done on the RV, at least a good mid-season cleaning. It’s probably also time to switch out the summer tailgating gear (fans, misters, etc) and get the fall/winter gear ready (heaters, blankets, fire pits). Over/under on whether that happens or I just sleep through the weekend? It’s a busy time at work too, so the off weekend will be good for me.

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