Week 2 Recap: First Home Tailgate is H-O-T

We were wishing for the shade that the other side of the stadium had on Saturday. It was brutal!Remember back when we wrote about surviving the heat during early season tailgates? This weekend, we had to put every single tip to use as the temperatures were in the mid 90s and the humidity was right there with it. My RV generators were running about 21 hours a day. I was able to turn the generators off for a few hours in the early morning hours after I got the RV really cold. But it wasn’t long until the sun would come up and the generators and AC were back on!

The new RV TV came in handy when we had to escape the heat for a little while. It sure was nice having a game on inside. Now, I just have to wonder how long it will be till I add Satellite TV to my setup…

Tech came away with the win. Since the fans were all still jet lagged from Ireland, that’s really all you can ask for from the team. Get the win and stay healthy. I’m sure Coach Johnson had more to say, but for now, we are happy.

New Home Tailgating Lot

Sunset at the new tailgate lot was beautifulThis weekend was the first in our new tailgating spot, now in the middle of campus! Before, our lovely school put us on the very edge of campus, right across the street from the Salvation Army center. We sure didn’t miss the 6 am wake-up calls for showers and breakfast! It’s a much easier walk to the stadium as well. Before, we had to rely on buses to get us to and from the game. It’s a better game day atmosphere as we are closer to other tailgaters. This gives us a chance to visit with our friends that are not RVers, whether we go visit them or they visit us.

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We’ve still got some work to do with the school to make it perfect though. They need more trash cans and porta-potties for game day. We prefer to send visitors to those than use the limited water in an RV for such activities. The school also needs to make sure that the trailer in the lot gets moved before Friday. And the trees in the corner need to be trimmed. We’ve got limited space and the parking plan has us using each and every parking spot. We can’t be wasting spots on trees and abandoned trailers! They lucked out this week in that we were playing an “easy” opponent on a hot day. Not all the RVs were present, and we were able to adapt. But that won’t be possible when all the RVers are tailgating.

Tailgating is about the Food!

If you leave a tailgate hungry, you are just doing it wrongOne thing you can count on at a tailgate is too much food. No really, we had enough leftover to feed the team. You want mustard chicken? Got it. Brats and burgers? Check. Enough cupcakes to put you in a sugar coma? Done. If you leave a tailgate hungry, you are just not doing it right.

Tip: Don’t cook broccoli in your RV. Eewww, smelly! (More tips on avoiding RV odors.) It’s really bad when you don’t want to open up the vents because it’s so hot outside and the AC is running. Eventually, the smell went away but it took awhile.

Oh, and you know what is dangerous? Sublime Doughnuts, open 24 hours a day, within walking distance of the tailgate lot. Mmmmm, Nutella doughnuts for breakfast!

Don’t Touch the Paint

wk2stickersNow, I am not about to talk politics here. This is not the place for it. But I do want to caution all you political advocates out there: Do not put stickers on our RVs! I don’t put political stickers on my car and I’m not about to put them on my RV. If I do put any stickers, political or not, it is generally on the glass – not the paint. So when I was ready to go to the game and found a Gary Johnson sticker on my RV, you can imagine how livid I was. Found out that a bunch of RVs and cars in our parking lot got the same or worse treatment (I had two stickers on the RV paint. Many others had 4-6 stickers). Just know that this is not how you get me to vote for your candidate!

I may have a junker of an RV compared to many others. But even a new paint job on my RV wouldn’t be cheap. I don’t want to know what it would cost on one of those big RVs.

Good Tailgating Weekend

Tailgating is hard. It was great to see everyone this weekend. We enjoyed the win and telling stories from Week 1 for those that didn’t get the chance to go. By the time we got home Sunday, everyone crashed hard, even the dog. It was a day of napping on the couch watching NFL games. Now it is officially fall!

And in surprising news, Delta finally found and delivered my bag to me. You know, the one that never made it on my trip to London and Dublin.

How was your week 2 tailgate? Comment below!


Kimberly is the owner of a Tiffin 34PA and the former owner of Starter RV, a 1990 Winnebago Chieftan.Kimberly is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and frequently travels to football and baseball games, NASCAR events, music festivals, and RV campgrounds all across the southeast and beyond!She can be found cheering for Georgia Tech, traveling the world, or working on the RV (because there's always something to do on the RV). Don't ever underestimate what she can whip up in the kitchen or accomplish on no sleep.Find out the latest from Kimberly by signing up here.

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  1. The Tale Light Trekkers says:

    Cute pup! Looks like a successful tailgate to me! You guys know how to do it right! 🙂

    • Kimberly says:

      Thanks! Last week’s tailgate was kind of “tailgate lite” for us – a lot of people didn’t come for various reasons, mostly the lightweight opponent and the heat. Over the next few weeks, as we get into better competition, we’ll have the full on tailgate with all the RVs!

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