VersaHoop Tailgating Basketball Goal

The VersaHoop Tailgating Basketball Goal in action!Just in time for Christmas shopping and basketball season, you’ll want to check out this tailgating basketball goal from VersaHoop!

It’s made with heavy duty plastic, so it’s good to go in wet or snowy weather and will hold up well to your tailgating abuse. You won’t be able to slam dunk on it but it should be able to hold up to other reasonable use at a tailgate. Keep the kids entertained while you drink your adult beverage. Or bet your friends who can make the craziest tailgate shot. Or take it to the beach and play basketball in the sand.

I was a little skeptical of how well it would hold up on the tent with the included brackets. I thought there was no way the brackets would hold the hoop without leaving damage to the tent. Or just falling down. But the basketball goal did great during our tailgate. It held up with no modifications necessary. No RV hacks needed here.

We did take it down when the winds picked up, but then again we put away the RV awnings and the pop-up tents too. When the tent goes down, the VersaHoop does too. VersaHoop has additional attachment mechanisms including hooks to hang the goal over a door. The hooks would have come in handy in the wind after we put away the pop-up tent. Or if Starter RV wasn’t parked at the end of the aisle, we could have used the RV ladder for some more games.

The VersaHoop tailgating basketball goal straight out of the box, pre-assembly

The VersaHoop tailgating basketball goal straight out of the box, pre-assembly

The VersaHoop Tailgating Basketball Goal is easy to setup: you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and of course, your tailgating popup tent (RV ladders work too). It’ll be helpful to have a second person holding it stable when you attach it to the tent, but it’s not required (just recommended). Just use the same person that helped you put up your tent! It will only take about a minute to setup.

Get Your Own Tailgating Basketball Goal

Contest Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win your very own VersaHoop Tailgating Basketball Goal. Our friends at VersaHoop gave us a basketball goal to try out and then to give away. So who wants one? Enter by 1) signing up for our newsletter or 2) sending out a Tweet and tagging @rvtailgatelife and @VersaHoop.

Deadline for entering is Monday, November 28, 2016, at 5:00 PM ET.

We’ll even make it easy:

Buy Directly From VersaHoop

If you don’t win, you can get your own from VersaHoop for $79.95. They have customization options too.

VersaHoop provided no compensation for this review. They did provide the test unit that we are giving away.



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