Tips for Overnight RV Parking on a Roadtrip


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  1. Wayne says:

    We went to Anderson CA to have some warranty work done our camp trailer. Camping World was very willing to let us stay there for 2 nights. (We did spend $300.00 in the store). After the work was finished (about 6 hours) we stayed an a nice Campground in Cottonwood CA. My wife’s sister lives in the gated community that also has the RV park. Since we were related to one of the home owners in the community we had no trouble getting a space. (We were also there around Dec.10, 2016.) The RV park will take outsiders, but there has to be room and the fees are higher. There are both full hookups and ele/water only also. We stayed a few days so the snow could clear from I5 north and we got home between snow storms. Before we left home I did buy cable chains for the 1500 Ram and the camp trailer just in case. Those are things that I hope to never use, but SAFETY is FIRST.

    • Kimberly says:

      Most Camping Worlds are pretty good about letting you park overnight!

      And yes, safety first! It’s good to always secure your property no matter where you are spending the night.

      Thanks for commenting Wayne.

      • Wayne says:

        That too, but I was talking about the cable chains that for the tires in case I got caught in a snow storm. Packed snow and towing a trailer can get interesting if you are not prepared. I got caught in a late snow storm on Highway 58 it was a long trip on the packed snow. That day ODOT was not requiring tire chains, but it could have happened and we would have had to park somewhere until the snow melted the next day.

        • Kimberly says:

          OK, gotcha. Yes, definitely must consider safety when driving in bad conditions. I prefer just to stay parked. As an Atlanta, Georgia native, well… we don’t do well with snow! We make the national news when it snows here, we are so bad at dealing with it.

  2. Avril Brown says:

    I can tell you one city that has an ordinance- Denver Colorado. No Walmarts here allow it.

    • Kimberly says:

      It’s really a shame that cities have ordinances against RV parking. I get it though when RVers have abused the privilege, and it is why we need to work real hard to make sure that we are good neighbors when we park our RVs overnight at one of these businesses. And also to promote building more campgrounds to make campground overnights more affordable and accessible (there just aren’t enough for as popular as RVing has become).

  3. James says:

    Go Casino! Most will allow, and you get to eat in their restaurants that usually have good prices and better food than is typically available on the road. Plus they have good security. Your backup late at night is Pilot or Loves Truck stops, but use their auto spaces and do not use a truck parking spot, those guys cannot just pull in anywhere. Check with cashier at the truck fuel counter if in doubt where to park. And make sure you SPEND MONEY AT THEIR STORE OR FUEL PUMPS!

  4. I like how you said to try and find a campground to park your RV. I am going on a road trip this spring. Thanks for the tips on overnight packing.

  5. I like that you said that it’s best to reserve the campgrounds and parks where you’d like your RV to be parked in advance. My husband is actually looking to have a road trip using his RV next month. He mentioned that he’d like to make sure that he won’t feel any pressure when it’s time for him to park his RV since he might be new in some places that he will visit. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Ronnie Overby says:

    In Texas, some small communities have even set up small overnight parks (including electrical hookups) for overnighters to stay up to three days. They feel it helps the local communities economy because campers spend money while staying.

    • Kimberly says:

      I love this! Hopefully, more towns will do the same and make RV travel more convenient for everyone. Do you know of a listing of communities that have spots?

      I know that Lynchburg, Tennessee has a small electric and water only hookup place right off the town square and within walking distance of Jack Daniels. I stayed there last year. It was totally convenient since I don’t tow a car and we definitely spent some time and money in the town.

  1. November 28, 2018

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