Are You Already Planning Your RV Christmas List?


Kimberly is the owner of a Tiffin 34PA and the former owner of Starter RV, a 1990 Winnebago Chieftan. She can be found cheering for Georgia Tech, traveling the world, or working on the RV (because there's always something to do on the RV). Don't ever underestimate what she can whip up in the kitchen or accomplish on no sleep. Find out the latest from Kimberly by signing up here.

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5 Responses

  1. Lara says:

    An automatic soap dispensor! I’m not kidding, this will be so useful in my small RV kitchen! I just ordered a 20ft string of solar lights to put outside or under the RV at night when I’m parked somewhere it’s ok to do this and I ordered a new interior fridge fan. I really am excited about all the “little” things that make living in my RV home easier and more comfortable.
    I have a cassette to MP3 adapter since my RV has CD/Tape/Radio.
    Also, have you considered a thermal cooker instead of a crockpot? I have one and it really works well.

    • Kimberly says:

      Hi Lara. Instead of an automatic soap dispenser, I’ve got the soap bottles like normal. But I did use a Command medium size caddy to corral them. Since we move 2x every weekend (home to game, game to home), I like to keep things accessible/out but secure for transport. The fewer things I have to take down/put up each time is a big factor in what I do. But I totally get why you’d want this. It is probably useful in all kitchens, RV or brick.

      I’ve got the solar lights too! With awning hooks. Nice ambient light for a tailgate! Highly recommend!

      I’m just starting to see the thermal cookers but I haven’t looked into them yet.

      • Lara says:

        Hi, You know, I hadn’t realized but I think a normal handsoap pump container would be fine. I’ve been using a dish/hand soap that doesn’t have a pump so I need to handle it more to use. I could use the usual pump container and that’d be just as good! lol.
        I store it in the sink when I drive.(I’m in a class B so small space.) The flat grip mats work well, too to keep things in place. I keep a stainless steel spoon/lid holder on one all the time and it stays put. I rarely hook up places and like to be able to turn the key and go whenever so totally get that the less to have to put away, the better!
        I like the thermal cooker a lot. Less power needed, no concerns leaving it, and super insulated. I’ve even used it to keep things cool!

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